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    Posted on March 14th, 2017 Becky 10 comments

    *   Click here to read the requirements for a Small Business Administration loan (and click over to the left to also read, “Earnings Requirements,” “Working Capital,” “Collateral” and “Resource Management”).



         This is a sign of bad things to come. The city giving operating Capital to a company that bid for a job is ridiculous. That’s equivalent to booking a cabin on the Titanic after it sunk. But Lancaster doesn’t care cuz they’re playing with other people’s money.
    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here).
         Yes, this is such a horrific idea that each city council member and Mayor Gray and Patrick Hopkins should be required to put up all of their personal assets as collateral against this loan if MAW defaults. Yes, I mean their houses and their cars and everything else they own and everything in their bank accounts. Period. They have no right to play with the taxpayer’s money this way!
         I am republishing “LANCASTER CITY WANTS TO BECOME A BANK”) below and there will be more tomorrow (click here for the original).
    *    From the city council agenda for tonight (click here):


          Danene Sorace, the Finance Committee Chair of city council and mayoral candidate.
         This is the woman who led the charge to give LNP and High Industries millions of the public’s money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Expansion. Now she wants to give a company that owns a building assessed at $89,100 $3 million more of your dollars!
         This woman needs to drop out of the mayor’s race now and provide Lancaster citizens will a full accounting of her relationship with racist LNP and why she is putting the city in incredible debt for years and years and years while denying children an education!
         At the bottom of the Snow Emergency alert on the city website, the very last item after stating everything else is cancelled for today, there is this (click here):
          Why would they hold the meeting when no one can attend? Are they trying to sneak something through? Are they trying to “secretly” give MAW Communications $3 million dollars? 
    Click here for the LIP News Special Report, “MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK” and please check back later today.



    1. How conveeeeeeenient…

    2. Some of these people are going to end up in jail!

    3. Are they breaking the Sunshine Law by holding a meeting no one can attend? LNP just had an editorial about the Sunshine Law. Maybe one of their reporters could look into it! 😉 🙂

    4. What is the Water Fund? Does it have any thing to do with our outrageous water bills??? We are still,literally, dumping crap into the Conestoga Creek. How can there be a water fund with one and half million to give, oops, LEND, the 3 man internet group?

    5. Don’t forget they are paying a law firm $550 an hour to deal with the EPA! I wonder how much they’ve paid so far? Where is all of this money coming from? When is it all going to catch up and Lancaster is going to be in debt up to their elbows?

      From the LNP article, “$3 million in funding proposed to underwrite residential rollout of LanCity Connect broadband:

      City Councilwoman Barbara Wilson asked if MAW shared in the risk the city would be taking on with a loan. The terms of the loan agreement will ensure that’s the case, Hopkins said.
      “The risk really is borne by both sides,” MAW President Frank Wiczkowski assured the council.

      What risk does MAW have? Losing a building valued at $89,100???? OMG!

      $3 million in funding proposed to underwrite residential rollout of LanCity Connect broadband

    6. I wonder how the next mayor will skate around the EPA. They are not going to allow this to continue forever, though with this administration there is a better chance. We know who the W is, any idea who M and A are?

    7. Great idea. Don’t forget the mayors Harleys and shore retreat.

    8. 🙂

    9. How can we possibly vote for who we like for mayor knowing what a horrible mess (many of them) they will walking into? Oh, Randy, Charlotte and Brogan will handle it. They are planning on Danene being the new boss anyhow so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

    10. They need money for education, fire fighters, potholes, you name it.

      Lancaster has been run on the ridiculous idea of thinking these optional amenities are more essential than true quality of life necessities.

      All these toys. Sad.

      So, who knows? Maybe MAW has one of them in its back pocket. No one will ever know for sure.