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    Posted on March 4th, 2017 Becky 11 comments


          “By not performing the duties of the Sheriff for over six months, Defendant Reese has resigned the public office as a matter of fact,” and, “as a matter of law,” the complaint reads.
    From the LNP “insider” story, “Lancaster County senators file civil suit against Sheriff Mark Reese in effort to force him out,” (click here).
         Apparently they have been using Mark Reese’s name stamp on legal documents in the Sheriff’s office since he took a “leave of absence” in July of 2016. Are any of these stamped documents legal? Does anyone know what they are doing?
    When business offices open on Monday, I will try to find out!

    **   The link to the document on the Prothonotary’s website with Reese’s signature and posted below is here.

    *    Notice below that Deputy Sheriff Jessica Padilla-Ramos served LNP reporter Susan Baldrige. She is the one who brought the sexual harassment charges against Reese!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         Why did Sheriff Mark S. Reese sign this document dated March 2, 2017? On July 26, 2016, Reese took a “leave of absence” from his duties as Sheriff and the county commissioners suspended his access to county buildings.
         Why did Reese sign this document on March 2, 2017? 





          Pennsylvania Senators Scott Martin and Ryan P. Aument are using the same Philadelphia law firm to sue Sheriff Mark Reese that Manheim Township School Board member William Murry is using to sue LNP Media Group, Inc.
         That’s right. The Senators and Murry are both represented by the firm of Kleinbard LLC, One Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PA.
    Click here for their website and please check back later today.


    11 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE ** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** SAME LAW FIRM”

    1. I believe at least one of their attorneys is originally from Lancaster. Could be that connection and a mere coincidence

    2. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Has anyone even heard the sheriffs side yet? Supervisor shouldn’t have a relationship with anyone that works for them but sexual harassment and a consensual relationship are 2 different animals. Tax payers have the right to know if the deputy suing the county was a mad mistress or an actual victim. The commissioners took away the sheriffs access card into his office. And now these two are saying he abandoned his office? He can’t get in!!

    3. Then how did he sign the document?

    4. Stop Cryin Chris!

      He didn’t. It’s a name stamp of his signature. Reese should sue them for forging his signature and using the name stamp without his consent. Is that even legal?

    5. This is ridiculous. No, they can’t use his name stamp if that is what is being done! OMG!

    6. ““By not performing the duties of the Sheriff for over six months, Defendant Reese has resigned the public office as a matter of fact,” and, “as a matter of law,” the complaint reads.

      By virtue of his signature, whether a stamp or in person, he is in fact performing the duties of his office.

      Hope his lawyers are aware. It pretty much invalidates the argument of the suit.

    7. Oh, this is a mess! 🙂

    8. There is no actual “name stamp”. It is not some thing some one picks up and stamps a form with. These are computer generated electronic signatures. Common practice in the business world, especially for routine and repetitive forms, but someone at the Sheriff’s office should have updated the software when he put on leave.

    9. Agreed. Now the question is – are any of these electronically signed documents legal? Seriously! Kleinbard LLC has quite a mess here!

    10. They are legal.

    11. Stupid stupid stupid people. These local yokels need to tone down the Peyton Place drama and amp up some professionalism. I can imagine the hours and hours of wasted time engaged in gossip rather than work.

      There really is a case here for Reese’s lawyer to have the suit tossed.

      “Funny” that Roda got this document and “neglected” to write about it. A real pro.

      Will she ignore this newsworthy topic and hope that corrupt judges won’t care?

      The commissioners case rests on ousting him because he isn’t working. Looks like he is.