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     Interesting – a judge has recused himself in the case of George Rosado, the 17-year-old who shot and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna with a stolen gun in Mountville last summer. A screenshot from his docket is below and tomorrow an update on my Right to Know request with District Attorney Craig Stedman for Rosado’s mugshot!


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*    I’m waiting for Mayor Dick to say, “Tell me Foltz’s Pretzels would be here today if the convention center wasn’t there!”



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     Stedman is clearly unfit to serve as District Attorney, let alone as a judge in any court in the land.
     His bias and preferential treatment of his Republican colleagues (Cutler’s family member who executed a baby) and the police (the city cop who escalated a minor offense into the execution of a homeless man).
     His failure to seek justice for the victims of crimes when his buddies are involved (the above plus the victims of the cop’s kid who committed the home invasion); his complete failure to effectively manage the Peyton place that is the Lancaster District Attorneys office; and his inability to provide any meaningful assistance in solving the unsolved murders in Lancaster city.
This comment into this site several days ago.
     And right under the LNP article on Stedman in today’s print edition there is this (click here for the story online):

Jeffrey Conradjeff conrad1      Conrad was “not recommended” by the Lancaster Bar Association (click here for the “insider” story, “Lancaster Bar Association releases ratings of 5 candidates for potential judiciary seat”)! He was involved in two of the outrageous cases mentioned in the above comment about Stedman – Cutler’s brother-in-law and the cop’s kid and his friend.
     Absolutely not! He was “not recommended” by his own peers! How can this man even be considered for a judge?
Please check back later today.


  1. Ida says:

    Anonymous too – Could you please point me to the news articles regarding Cutler’s relative. Thanks.

    Republican state committee and the local GOP committee endorsement processes are a sham. Its all about who you know and what you can do for them. They don’t really care about the candidates morals or qualifications.

  2. Anonymous too says:

    Regarding Stedman: one of the most obvious cases of his favoritism for a friend and ass kissing of a political ally was his handling of the case of Scott Martin’s sister, Katie West. According to reports, West had heroin in her system when the crash, that killed her husband and child, occurred. Of course it was a sad situation but she should have been charged. But instead, Stedman charged the minority truck driver.

    I recall that you had on your site an e-mail that you obtained regarding West’s favorable treatment at the prison.

    Stedman obviously knew of Martin’s plans to seek higher State office and planted his lips firmly on Martin’s ass. Just like Stedman did for Cutler involving the case with Cultler’s relative who intentionally aimed a loaded gun at his baby and pulled the trigger, killing her.

    It’s outrageous that the Republican State Committee endorsed Stedman. Did they know of these decisions that should immediately disqualify anyone from being consider for even the lowest level judge position? Do they know of all the sexual shenanigans that have been going on in the DA’s office since Stedman was a young prosecutor?

    And Stedman’s handling of a major puppy mill case was so poor that a web site was built to alert people: I sure this will be one the most visited websites during the primary campaign.

    I guess if the citizens of Lancaster county want to tolerate this ridiculous and immoral favoritism and poor decision making, that’s on them. As the details of what has actually been going on in the DA’s office become more widely known, I doubt that voters across the state will be as supportive.

  3. huh? says:

    Aha! Good catch Becky. Of course the LNP won’t cover the recusal BUT that’s certainly a big hint that this kid is “connected” somehow and some way. It may very well be the reason that they chose to prosecute him as an adult so as not to appear to be playing favorites with someone.

    I still expect the kid to cop a plea to avoid testimony from whomever they are protecting. And that pressure may be placed on him to do so.

    I wonder if you contacted the defense lawyer’s office if they will tell you who was recused and maybe why. Unless of course some DA’s lackey who has been assigned to monitor your website sees this and calls the defense attorney first.and yes, I do believe that your website is a real source for any opponent’s campaign. Tread softly Becky if you know what I mean…

    • Becky says:

      huh? – Rosado has Goldberg & Beyer – one of the best law firms in the county and also notorious for not speaking with the press. It was his attorney from the firm who sent me an email and asked me to take down Rosado’s name because he was a juvenile and I declined to take it down. I don’t think I would get too far contacting them! 🙂