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    Posted on February 25th, 2017 Becky 5 comments
    **  A couple of notes regarding the below before I move on to serious news later today:
    —  “Brenda Hollinger” is a Google+ account Markle set up using my picture. He sits there and talks to himself all day.
    —  I have one son and that is the only child I have given birth to. This man is so disgusting and sick there are no words for it.
    —  Did I get Tremayne Jones killed in San Diego? Jones was a real life pimp, a gang member and a drug runner who testified against Akeem Washington and put him in jail for years on false charges. No, I did not get him killed. But keep trying, Markle!
    —  I don’t know why their families have not sought help for this obviously obsessed, deeply disturbed and dangerous couple. When he was stalking someone else years ago, Ron Harper, Jr. found out who he was and put up  the “Stalker Warning” website (click here). This is all this couple has done for years – stalk and harass people!

    *    Diane sent in a comment to this site that was so profanity laced I could not run it on the front page (click here and it is in the comments). And then she went running to a stalker to complain who posts things like this about me everyday!

    Insane Markles Insane Markles1




         Diane Gamber, a prolific poster on Lancaster Online, has run to a convicted stalker who has stalked me for over five years and sent in over 1,600 racist, profanity laced, threatening comments into this site. She shared the definition of “cyberstalking” with this convicted stalker and now he is doing it to her!
         Diane, I did not do that! LOL! The stalker you went running to did that! That’s right. That’s exactly the kind of racist, sick comments he has sent into this site for over five years. If you had researched him at all and his “SmartRetorts” blogspot he began years ago about LNP reporter Gil Smart you would know that first and foremost he is a racist!
    And the google “parody” blogspot he has about me that you sent in the below comment to – he will do that to you, too!  He apparently already has! Fact really is stranger than fiction! And Cheryl and Steven Markle are two of the sickest, most disturbed people in Lancaster County.

         See the Cheryl & Steve Markle tab above and please check back later today.


    Markle 2-253


    5 responses to “* DIANE: MEET YOUR STALKER!”

    1. Wow, Becky. You’ve hit the big time based on these vitriolic comments. Keep up the good work.

    2. 🙂

    3. Unbelievable! She sees what he is doing to me and goes to him to complain – and he now stalks her! I don’t know where he posted the ripoff of her GoFundMe page, but obviously somewhere where she saw it!

    4. So, apparently he posted all that shit about her as well as a screenshot of her gofundme page?

      “has unprotected sex with black men…” She actually thinks that is something you posted? I hope she reads this and understand that she is being catfished.

    5. I don’t know what he posted or where. But he obviously did. I have not seen what she’s talking about but it sounds disgusting and exactly like Markle!