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rosado2From Saturday’s LNP print edition version of the story regarding the shooter, George Rosado.

     This is shocking and raises even more questions regarding the DA’s office closing this case and charging 17–and-a-half-year-old George Rosado as a juvenile in under 11 hours.
     Well over 250 people signed a petition to the Department of Justice to investigate this case in under a week. They were his coaches, his teachers, his neighbors and his friends and family. They wrote heart-felt and intelligent comments on why Ibram Hanna’s death should be investigated.
     As reported here previously, I received a letter from the Department of Justice with a phone number and a case number. And tomorrow, I need people to call and confirm to the Justice Department why this case needs to be investigated so badly. I will print that information early tomorrow morning along with some of the comments that accompanied the petition.    


*    Were there any other witnesses to the shooting?
Question posed under yesterday’s LNP story, “Hearing held to determine whether Mountville teen should face adult charges in fatal shooting,” (click here).
     This site has reported that there were several boys in the home when Ibram Hanna was shot and that is for the following two reasons:
— His grandmother stated to a trusted friend of mine firsthand that there were five or six boys present.
— His aunt, who works for a law firm, posted this on a public forum (“Must See Pics an Vids”) knowing that the Facebook page is read by the police, DA’s office and LNP:

      Obviously, neither one was physically present when Ibram was shot. But these two very involved family members have raised serious doubts about how many people were in the home at the time of the fatal shooting and the public deserves an exact answer.


      Posts under the previous story about the death of Ibram Hanna, “Juvenile case of teen charged in friend’s Mountville shooting death could land in adult court,” (click here).
      I have some things to say about the incredibly prolific Lancaster Online poster, Diane Enck Gamber, and then an update on the petition.


  1. huh? says:

    And with so many more guns stolen by this reprobate that have now been admitted to, who knows if this young man has killed before? There are so many unsolved murders in Lancaster city and county.

    He may have killed before.

  2. huh? says:

    Reading the newspaper clip that you posted, reads like a career, confirmed criminal. As an adult he would have been put away for the rest of his natural life had he been caught and charged for all of the crimes he’s committed.

    For the DA to charge him as a juvenile is one of the more disgusting actions taken by Stedman. And Stedman has had a lot of disgusting things happen under his aegis.

    People of lancaster are being cheated and if the charges remain as a juvenile you can be SURE that this kid will end up killing someone else or worse, killing more. He seems to exhibit almost psychopathic tendencies. Juvenile incarceration and treatment has done nothing to slow him down. And so Stedman wants to treat him with a method that has not worked before?

    There is more to this story. There has to be. I’ve seen Stedman go for lengthy sentences on individuals who commit a first offense.

    Who the hell else was involved and who are they protecting? Was there anyone listening that night to the police monitor who might have heard the call?

  3. Hiram Calderon Jr. says:

    She does not have a vendetta against any single person. She just always defends the law enforcement. Look at her many posts. Whatever the law decides, she sides with it. She is one of the reasons I posted a while back, that if Hitler was still alive, I can think of at least two people he would win over. Troy King, and Dianne Gamber. The biggest trollers of the LNP boards.

  4. Becky says:

    No, they have not released the 911 call and there is some question about who made that call.

    I don’t have the time or desire to discuss Gamber today. Just understand that she knows nothing about this case and has a vendetta against me and this site. I learned a long time ago not to “encourage” stalkers and crazy people because part of what they desperately seek is attention.

  5. huh? says:

    … and since this happened in the burbs, and others were possibly present, maybe one of them is connected to someone important. We know that the paper protected Sturla’s son and never reported anything about him on multiple occasions when they would have reported the same crimes if it had been Joe Schmoe.

    I was also under the impression at one point that someone else called 911 in the Hanna shooting. I don’t think that they have released the 911 taped call.