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(Click here for the “insider” story.)
Gray & Patterson     Here we go again!    
     There seems to be no end to the enriching of certain parties by the City of Lancaster per the direction of Mayor Rick Gray and Planner Randy Patterson. On their part, it seems more ongoing and obstinate ignorance than venal.
     LNP deserves some credit for publishing the article given LNP’s  indirect involvement  and benefits through Penn square Partners but; coming from a reputable, credentialed source; they had little choice.
From about the above story (click here).
     This is beyond “ignorance.” This is beyond bribery! This is criminal. This is unbelievable!
There will be much more tomorrow.

**   P.S. I apologize to Hiram Calderon for Diane’s comment. He seems to me to be an extremely decent, remarkably calm and sensible person and writer.

*    I will clear up a few issues and then move on from this nonsense:

 — I am not “disabled” and I am not receiving any public funds.
— I don’t take any medications except the occasional Advil and sometimes some beers at night.
— Over ten years ago, I went to a therapist for one hour one day a week for a year when the incest story came up (the link is at the top of this site). I have an incessant stalker who repeatedly claims that this makes me insane (lol!). I am not saying that the incest story has not impacted my life and that I am fully “recovered,” however; I believe I have overcome it to the best of my ability and this site was crucial to that process many years ago. It does not impact what I publish on this site daily.
— This same stalker (who is clearly insane) states than I am jealous of LNP and that I want a job there and I am bitter because I was fired years ago (lol!)! Nothing is further from the truth! I left LNP to write the Krushinski stories for LIP years ago knowing LNP would not touch them. So little has changed in all those years! I enjoy what I do, I love to write and Lancaster desperately needs an independent voice.
— I am amazed by the people who are prolific posters on public forums with opinions on every subject and people under the sun, but somehow think their name is special and they can’t be named or discussed on a public website/forum!
— I hope Diane gets the help she needs.

      I’m done. This site will move on this afternoon.




Posted under the LNP story, “Man jailed up to 60 years for plotting to kill 3 Lancaster city cops denied new trial,” (click here).

     The problem is, Diane, he did not do the crime!
     In the middle of the night I received a comment into this site from Diane Enck Gamber that is profanity laced and threatening and quite honestly one of the most jaw-dropping sad, outrageous and ridiculous things I have ever read. I am considering whether to post it in full.
      I hope the people “who know her and her situation” encourage her to get help immediately.
Please check back later today.


  1. Hiram Calderon Jr. says:

    The funny thing about her is I wouldn’t even know who she is if she didn’t go after my wife in the comments section on LNP when the had the article about Dudies family looking for transparency. Then she made comments to my wife in the section about the dog Henessey. Her outcry about college reminded me of a character that my kids used to watch on tv. His name was Plankton, from the show Spongebob. Every time he was foiled in his plots he always screamed “I went to college.” So congratulations Diane, you have the ability to entertain a 7Y audience, from a show that has been scientifically proven to lower a child’s test scores after being watched.

  2. Galty says:

    Am astounded by this womans post to you shes very sad and unbalanced.

    Makes your other troll look sane.

    PS do you think she is CEE CEE on the old Talkback?

    • Becky says:

      Galty: Makes your other troll look sane.

      Ain’t that the truth and I would have never believed those words were possible until now! I don’t really remember CEE CEE?

  3. huh? says:

    Well, the ‘under the table’ article has been scrubbed from the home page and can only be found by doing a specific search. How many times have we seen this? Too many to count.

    • Becky says:

      Remember Mayor Dick’s 3% tax increase? That was on their homepage for like four hours and never moved to their Facebook page that I saw – and I looked for it!

  4. ohwell says:

    wow….this woman has something to say about every damn post on lanconline smh she just proved what an ass we all knew she was by this comment lol she makes fun of everyone and can’t handle it when its done to her. I agree huh, she reaped what she sowed. Becky a.k.a. bitch lol im glad u posted her comment so everyone can see how “educated” she really is and now she knows how people feel when she has something to say without knowing or without taking into consideration how other family members feel when she posts bs comments. Have a good holiday Becky!!

  5. huh? says:

    They pulled the same stunts with the sale of the Stockyards and the sale of Watt and Shand building. what an amazing place the city might have become if HACC had been allowed to buy the W&S building and revitalized the city with all of the students that would have been there every day? People of all ages. This latest rot doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s who you know and who you blow in downtown Lancaster.

    Thank you for clearing up the fact that that was a comment from Gamber and not an email. That she actually meant it for all to see. And I too apologize for having to point out that she called Mr. Calderon “stupid.” But, as I said, any shred of compassion I might have been able to muster up in her regard just went out the window.

  6. my goodness says:

    Lancaster County’s “Beacon of Light” is surely not shining upon this alleged human. Her e mail is hateful in the truest sense and obviously a personal attack on you.

    • Becky says:

      I just want to make it clear that her missive came into this site as a comment – it was not an email to me. If it had been a personal email I would not have published it as I have.

  7. huh? says:

    BTW, I need to say something more. Diane Gamber has now called Hiram Calderon “stupid Calderon.”

    She claims her husband was caught on fire and that she suffers long term PTSD from it.

    Well, Diane Gamber, I certainly hope that no one calls you “stupid Gamber” because of what happened to you.

    And it’s that sort of thing that removes any sort of compassion that I have for her. It’s one thing to try to explain oneself. It’s quite another thing to call the father of a young son who was shot between the eyes “stupid.” On top of that, Gamber, Calderon was absolutely correct in saying that you took some classes. You say it yourself in your email… you have 80 credits. You don’t have a degree, you have taken “some classes.” Then again, after reading what you wrote, I’d go for the term “classless” when it comes to referring to the father of a murdered son “stupid.”

  8. my goodness says:

    That was certainly lovely, quite the lady!! Let’s have a pity party. Hey, Diane, just quit reading the blog if you don’t like it. Simple.

  9. huh? says:

    It’s no surprise that Washington wasn’t granted a new trial by a Lancaster county judge. I predict that his lawyer will move upward on the judge food chain to get his case heard.

    I do forget what Washington was originally arrested for. Do you have a link to that?

    And BTW, Diane Gamber reaps what she sows. I recall seeing her disparage and make fun of you in posts on the Lancaster Newspapers’ website long before you posted the information about her impending “issues.” She’s put your name out there as well as making fun of you. What does she expect? Does she forget what she wrote online?

    BTW, independent wealth is a wonderful thing 😉

  10. my goodness says:

    Well, she must be full of Christmas cheer! Publish her tirade Becky. Maybe if she sees how idiotic she appears to the rest of us she will quit posting her vitriol.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, full of Christmas cheer! LOL! 🙂 (I’m thinking about it…)

      • Becky says:

        This is her comment. I apologize for the language – it has not been edited in any way:

        Thank goodness people who know me and my situation check your site. I’ve always tried to be considerate of your metal health issues but you fucked up now, Satan bitch.

        First, as if its your motherfucking business, I am DISABLED just like you dumb bitch. I started with an autoimmune disorder at age 15, and now, at 49, I have several physical impairments as well as PTSD (from seeing my ex husband on fire and saving him in an accident nearly 30 years ago and then being battered by my kids’ dad 12 years ago). I also have Major Depressive Disorder. I take 14 medications a day, bitch, and I was working until last April when it was clear that my impairments and medications affected my ability to work any longer.

        So, bitch, why the fuck don’t you have a job? Other than harassing and bullying people, dumb Satan bitch?

        Second, yes, due to my not working due to my health, I got into trouble with the 2nd home I bought on my own as a single woman, dumb bitch. I was approved for a HEMAP loan in July, to save my house. The state of PA is fighting with my mortgage company’s attorney because they are trying to rip off PA for fees for things they never did. This fighting is making the attorney be an asshole and not report the cancellation of the sale but rest assured bitch, I will still be living in my home Jan 26, 2017 until I choose to sell and move to a home more accommodating of a wheelchair when it’s time.

        I warned you before. Don’t use my name. I will contact the ACLU because you are harassing a disabled person, I will get a restraining order against you, etc., etc.

        Oh, and Satan dumb bitch, tell stupid Mr. Calderon that I didn’t have “some classes”. I started college at 39 while working FT, taking care of my two girls by myself, keeping up everything on my home and carrying a FT school load. I was in the transfer program to MU and I have 80 credits towards a Bachelors in Criminology. My health started getting worse at that time and I had to stop because I couldn’t keep up the pace with all I was doing. I also interned at Lancaster County Probation and Parole at that time.

        Get my name off your Satanic website. You are a monster bully bitch and I could now give a fuck about your mental problems. You are probably faking it all and are ripping off taxpayers. After all, you do keep up your ignorant blog. Sounds like you can work to me. You are a bitch from hell to harass and bully someone who is disabled. Get your bullshit with my name off within 24 hours or my first call will be to the ACLU, Satan bitch. You are such a BITCH to add to my suffering. You are like a high school mean girl. And, PS, I am making a copy of this message to you.