*** – ** – * “BEACON OF LIGHT?”

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     The detective said to me, ‘You can classify almost all murders under three motives: money; love; pride.’
From “Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz Details the Three Main Motives for Murder,” (click here).
     A commenter using the name “Richard Musser” sent in a comment to put me in my place!
     Richard said this in part (no editing has been done except for breaking it into paragraphs):
      Becky, You have it all figured out. Well Hell just tell them who did it already.
      Becky, have ever taken a minute just one min. ever to think what your LIP-Gossip Page does to people who are going through the Death’s you Gossip about?
      If you think digging up people’s Facebook and Public Records info and Posting it is REPORTING you’re wrong!(But it obviously You get off on it!) You Can’t wait to see and Post about someone filing bankruptcy or Sheriff Sale on their house
“* LNP: “Autopsy set for Tuesday in Salisbury Township death investigation; no ID released yet,” (click here).
       According to county property records, 5852 Timothy Drive is owned by Dennis C. Pitch and Tracy L. Pitch and a picture of the home from the county website is below. They were married on October 1, 2000 and her maiden name is Rau.
      Tracy Pitch filed for divorce less than a month ago on November 22 of this year. Previously she filed for bankruptcy in August of 2013.”
     What did bringing all that into it HELP? (Man isn’t even buried and you post his life story ?) What kind of person is so heartless they would do this kind of thing ? YOU!
     Media outlets were giving the address. Anyone can look it up. LNP was following their non-journalistic stance of not printing names until the police or DA “okay” it. I posted that early in the morning and I had no idea which one was the victim or if it was someone entirely different who was visiting their home.
     Within several hours, the police released the name of the victim, Dennis Pitch, and LNP went up with this (click here):
     County property records show the property is co-owned by the victim’s wife, 49-year-old Tracy L. Pitch. According to the county prothonotary’s office, the couple filed for divorce on Nov. 22.
     They published exactly what I did. They did not include their wedding date, her prior name or the fact that she filed for bankruptcy – but those are true and a matter of public record.
     That is standard reporting and LNP took it one step farther and called the victim’s father. Would you call that move “heartless?”
     Someone was shot multiple times and killed. The public has a right to know and part of reporting is knowing where and how to look up public information. That is not gossip. That is called news. That is why LNP prints divorce, marriage and birth records and bankruptcies (and they printed Tracy Pitch’s) among many other items.
     If I offered an opinion as to whether Kim cheated on Kanye, that could be called gossip.
     And remember Richard: “You can classify almost all murders under three motives: money; love; pride.”
     Their love had turned sour. Dennis Pitch was pictured next to a large gun safe and no one knows what the contents of that safe are/were and his to be ex-wife had money problems and filed for bankruptcy three years before and had requested alimony in her divorce filing less than a month before his murder.
     Does that mean she’s guilty? Of course not! We have no idea what else was going on in their lives. But if I were a detective – I would take a really long, hard look at Tracy L. Pitch! And I think most of the public would agree.
 Hambright33   stedman19

— Where’s Brett, my PR Man?
— I’m here, DA Stedman, with my camera in hand!
— Good job, Brett! Make sure you capture a good smile!
— Should you put on a Santa suit, DA Stedman?
— No, that might be overkill, Brett. Just a smile!
— Got it DA!
— Post it as soon as you can, Brett! Do you think this will make the public forget that our office lied and then took three months to bring animal cruelty charges against the owner of the puppy but we closed the killing of Ibram Hanna in under 11 hours?
— Well…
— Do you think it will make the public forget that Dennis Pitch was murdered last weekend and no one has been arrested?
— Well…
— Do you think it will make the public forget that Hiram Calderon was stabbed to death in the city and his killer is still walking the streets?
— Well…
— Do you think it will make the public forget the 21 unsolved murders in the  city alone since 2006?
— Well…
— Call my good friend Barbara Hough Roda at LNP and see if they’ll run my picture doing such a good thing for humanity and the citizens of Lancaster County!
— Yes, DA Stedman. I used to work there! I’m sure they will. They love you – and me!


*    Well, look at this! District Attorney Craig Stedman is working his public relations arm!



Ibram Hanna

Ibram Hanna

      The Department of Justice informed me yesterday by phone that my complaint/petition had been forwarded to the F.B.I. So it was a day of calling the F.B.I. yesterday afternoon and this morning. And as you can imagine, that has just been loads of fun!
     I want to add the additional information of the shocking criminal record of 17-and-a-half-year-old George Rosado to the complaint and I will keep you informed.


     This is a portion of an excellent Letter to the Editor of LNP regarding the court cellphone ban (click here to read the entire letter).


      And I will look at today’s editorial about Lancaster County being a “Beacon of Light,” (click here). LNP prints this fluff right after the killer of Ibram Hanna was in court and his lengthy criminal record exposed. And LNP does absolutely nothing about this huge, unbelievable injustice.
Please check back later today – oh, and “Richard Musser,” I will be coming to your comment!

13 Responses to *** – ** – * “BEACON OF LIGHT?”

  1. Maria says:

    Why join the police force if you are not really going to protect and serve? Back when officers patrolled the city crime was low. Now that cops just sit around waiting to catch a person speeding crime is up. The Chestnut street Turkey Hill has been robbed how many times now? If there were officers patrolling the area I bet it would get robbed a lot less. Why become a DA, Detective, Judge, or Laywer if you don’t actually care to stand for truth and justice? Do the job you were sworn in to do protect the innocent and punish the guilty! Huh? May I ask why you are no longer a writer? Lancaster could use some good investigative reporter’s who are not afraid to search out the truth and print it.

  2. Jackee says:

    I don’t know if other kids were there. I just know that a lot of people are disappointed and hurting with the current charges. I didn’t personally meet him, but I know kids who say they absolutely were not surprised to hear who the defendant was based upon past interactions with him. My oldest son had briefly been an acquaintance of his and it quickly ended based on how uncomfortable he felt.

  3. huh? says:

    PS we did print names of sexual assault victims IF they requested it. We never asked them if we could. Some victims wanted the whole story out there and so we would oblige after getting their permission in writing.

  4. huh? says:

    Absolutely Frank. When I was a newspaper writer, we were independent of every entity that you mention above – except not the Hamilton Club or the PSP because it wasn’t Lancaster.

    Who. Where. What. Why. How much. How many. if I was writing a news story, it wouldn’t get past the editor if I didn’t answer those questions. And if the police dept. didn’t divulge what was important info, my feet were on the street to find someone who had answers and were trustworthy.

    About the only thing we didn’t print were the names of victims of sexual assault.

    I did find it interesting that they printed the name and booking photo of the high school kid who is accused of sexual assault and child pornography online yesterday.

  5. Frank Lee says:

    LNP…”reporting” Sorry Richard Musser. When not waiting for permission from the DA, Police Chief or member of Penn Square Partners to make a story public they rewrite a press releases. They are not a newspaper. They are a little more than a company newsletter for the vested interests of the Hamilton Club gentry

  6. huh? says:

    Jackie, is there anyone outside of the family who knows more about what happened? We banter back and forth here wondering what other information has not been brought to light. Such as were there other kids there etc? I am not asking for you to name names, just if there is something that might make sense of this all. Thank you.

  7. Jackee says:


    Thank you for keeping Ibram Hanna’s tragic passing on the radar. As time moves on, people tend to forget. I have a video of Ibram singing in a school play with my son in elementary. I look at Ibram’s smile and laughter along with the tales of his friends that loved him, and realize how much we will all miss watching him grow up. LNP has allowed Diane’s comments to remain about what she thinks occurred that day without acknowledging that his peers see that, and how that affects them. This was their friend, a child, and a little class on what LNP will allow people to post about poor Ibram would go a long way. I have seen them censor much less offensive posts. It is representative of this case falling off the news radar as a whole.

  8. Frank Lee says:

    Lancaster County. Is that various towns throughout the county, or is this LNP playing semantics and distributing Lancaster City ‘s improving quality of life into the county?

  9. huh? says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

  10. huh? says:

    …and when it all explodes, they’ll throw up their lily white hands at the paper and ask “why?”

      • Becky says:

        And while they are talking about the county being a “Beacon of Light,” these are their top stories:

        — 4 dead during overdose spike in Lancaster County over weekend

        — Donations down at Lancaster County Toys for Tots, but there’s still time

        — Lancaster County facility comes off list of nation’s worst nursing homes

        — Lancaster County warns social service providers of possible budget impasse, funding cuts