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    Posted on November 30th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***
         *(Click here for the PennLive story shown below.)


    UPDATED 12-1-2016

         Mayor Gray’s three most outrageous lies – to date – are below. There will be more later today.

    1.  –  Rick Gray, Mayor of Lancaster: As a candidate for Mayor of Lancaster, Gray promised that he would convene a study group to investigate the feasibility of the proposed center.   After the election, Gray’s ‘panel’ questioned only people who were intimately involved in the project, and no one else.  The day after Gray’s inauguration as Mayor, he viciously attacked those who were asking questions about the project at a public forum held at Farm & Home Center.  There, Gray’s statement that state money should not be passed up suggested he either had been a supporter of the project or was unwilling to clash with the convention center sponsors.  Later, after impulsively suggesting a feasibility study be sponsored by the Commissioners, he back peddled on his request and subsequently publicly trashed the reputable PKF feasibility study. – “Final chapter in Convention Center Series: Betrayals of public trust; Excesses and abuses by Public Officials,” (click here).

    2.  Mayor Rick Gray on Wednesday cautioned against second-guessing the police officer who fatally shot a homeless man in downtown Lancaster on Monday, but he agreed with City Council that the public deserves a full report.
         …But the mayor also described the police officers who confronted knife-wielding Gregory S. Bayne as “experienced” and said “second guessing is pretty easy.”
    LNP – “Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray: Public will get full report on police shooting of homeless man,” (click here). 

    3.  “Tell me Barberet would be here today if the convention center wasn’t there,” he [Mayor Rick Gray] said, referring to the French bakery/bistro and a third floor bar/lounge that opened on East King Street near the convention center last summer.
    LNP – “Lancaster City Council approves $30M Marriott hotel expansion,” (click here).




           Gray is a decent individual but fell sway to special interests and bad advisors when it came to real estate development and public works projects. He flipped flopped on the Convention Center, he supports the CRIZ program ear marked to enrich Penn Square Partners and others at the future expense of  our children and grandchildren, bungled the potential redevelopment of Lancaster Square East,  squandered opportunities to get ahead of the looming huge storm sewer assessments, and was a big supporter of the bird brain idea of bringing trolleys back to Lancaster… among other mistakes.
    From, “Will Rick Gray’s retirement be good for Lancaster City?” (click here).
         Many years ago I thought Rick Gray was a “decent individual” but that quickly changed. 
    Coming later today: The three biggest lies told by Mayor Gray!


    6 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** 12-1-16 UPDATE – MAYOR GRAY: A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE TRUTH!”

    1. Love it that pennlive announced this. LNP hasn’t anointed him and are probably pissed that a candidate went rogue and didn’t get their permission to do so.

    2. 🙂 Exactly!

    3. But can Dale High, LCP (Lancaster Coupon Paper) and PSP house train him?

    4. A Dick and a Colon. I think there’s a pattern here.

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