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    Posted on September 1st, 2016 Becky 9 comments

    **   I am taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will publish tomorrow then go on holiday break until Tuesday, September 6th, when daily publishing will resume.

    Fiorill2* Click here for the above LNP story. I have not watched the videos on but Ben Vonderheide has been going after Fiorill for quite some time now (click here). I don’t know if that has anything to do with his retirement.


    169 CAMERAS!

         Why hasn’t this thief been arrested?


    Cab Drivers

       (Click here)

          Where is the video of these robberies? There’s a Safety Coalition Camera right there!

    600 Manor St.1

    Please check back later today.


    9 responses to “** – * WHERE ARE THE POLICE?”

    1. I will probably always wonder if Vonderheide was driven to the extreme individual he is today by what happened with his child.

      Is he an example of deterioration due to becoming a target of just about every official that held sway over his child or was it always that way.

      I do hope that they finally came to some sort of accord on the child.

    2. He had that horrible website up attacking the mother of his son. I think that son has to be 18 or older by now and hopefully the drama is long over.

    3. Oh, my!

      Tell them Benny boy was here

    4. That was on a thread on the old Talkback forum and it was under an article about a woman filing a lawsuit against the Millersville Police. Ben didn’t believe her so I obtained a copy of the suit:

      Millersville Lawsuit

    5. Ben had me confused with another poster – I think her name was “I have horns.” Wow! All of this makes me feel old.

    6. Wow….that was the most calm, comprehensible, and persuasive statement I ever heard Ben make.

    7. Which statement was that?

    8. I dealt with Ben on a professional level a few years ago in relation to his cause. He was reasonable once I was able to establish the facts. I am not well versed on his personal story but clearly he is passionate. My impression is he has no filter and tends to see much more than is actually there.

    9. Let’s see. According to Lancaster county recorder of deeds, bought his old property in 1985 with a cosigner for around $30,000.00. 9 years later, 1994, his balloon business is bankrupt and his mortgage has grown to $150,000.00. Other creditors are stuck for another $200,000.00, Eastern district bankruptcy Court case # 94-21799. ( Pacer account required ) But wait, his failures are the fault of the custody court. Yea right, his kid was born right after. Don’t drink the koolaid. One has nothing to do with the other.