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    Posted on August 11th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    * Catching up on some things this afternoon. Back tomorrow.


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         What sets me apart from my peers in looking for job opportunities and working through job opportunities is my strong sense of ethics as well as the dedication and reliability that is unmatched by the general populace of my peers.
    From LNP’s new reporter, Konstantine Fekos, in his video below.
         If you have any ethics, run as fast and as far away from the Lancaster Newspapers as you possibly can. Seriously!
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “* RUN AWAY NOW!”

    1. Another important Lancaster story not covered by the LNP. Sexual abuse by priests in Lancaster Catholic parishes. LNP once again handing off their responsibility to a newspaper in another county. How many stories have they punted on lately?

      And by doing this, they avoid any threat of displeased readers accusing them of digging up dirt. So they can concentrate on their music festivals and Steinman scholarships.

      I get it. They aren’t interested in news anymore. If it involves making waves, instead they’ll tell stories about Clydesdales. They’ll write about abused animals but not abused kids because no one put it in their laps until the York paper wrote it for them. Didn’t cost them a dime.

    2. OK. If I am reading this correctly, this “newbie” is saying he is more ethical, dedicated, and reliable than his “peers”, by which, I assume, he thinks are his fellow journalists? I have more ethics in my little finger. And,it doesnt seem to be a good way to start out as a “team player”, even if he does, actually, believe it.

    3. Clicked on the video – it’s from 6 years ago, looks like a classroom. Description says it’s for getting an internship. Can’t find anything in his professional life that fit your theme?

    4. I know it’s from 2010. It has to do with ethics! If you have any you don’t work for LNP! I feel sorry for the new hires who are excited and think they are working for a real newspaper. They are not!