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     The response to the petition immediately below has been wonderful. Please share the petition on Facebook, Twitter, by email and any other way you can. Thank you so much. Justice for Ibram!

Hanna4Click here to sign the petition and see the numerous stories below on this site.

**  Sign the petition to have the Department of Justice investigate the murder of Ibram Hanna – click here.

*    The people of Lancaster County are known for their generosity. It’s why the refugee program is so successful here. There are people here who are willing to help, and who see meeting the practical needs of another human being as an outward expression of faith.
From today’s LNP editorial, “A photo reminds us of Lancaster County’s history of helping children like Omran,” (click here).
     Here’s an idea, LNP! Instead of writing these platitudes day after day and doing the exact opposite, why don’t you investigate the murder of Ibram Hanna? Why don’t you do something to help? Why don’t you send a reporter to Mountville and why don’t you question the West Hempfield Township police and the DA’s office? Why don’t you do your job and hold these officials accountable?
      Why don’t you do it today!



Ibram Hanna

     They left Egypt to avoid Christian persecution and worship God without fear of death. To keep their family safe. Only to lose a son in such a violent way. They deserve love, respect, justice and support.
Posted on social media about the family of Ibram Hanna, 15, who was shot to death in Mountville on August 12.
    This family needs justice. The West Hempfield Township Police and the District Attorney’s Office need to be investigated for their handling of this murder and this travesty of justice.
     George Rosado, a very troubled 17-year-old being raised by his grandmother, with a stolen gun, with several teens in his house, pulls the trigger and shoots Ibram dead between the eyes at approximately 10:30 am in the morning. Before 10:00 pm that night, the DA’s office issues a statement essentially closing the case – stating it was an accident and Rosado will be charged as a juvenile and the public will learn nothing further about this case or his punishment.
     That is not going to happen. This is unacceptable. This is the direct antithesis of how American justice is supposed to operate. The Hanna family deserves answers and justice.
     Email or call Brett Hambright, the DA’s “media specialist” and tell him to tell District Attorney Craig Stedman to reopen this investigation now or bring in outside help!

—  717-295-2041

There will be much more later today.

11 Responses to AFTERNOON UPDATE – SIGN! ** – * JUSTICE FOR IBRAM! – 3

  1. huh? says:

    Just look at the difference in what just happened to Tamar Boggs.

    Tamar was the young teen who received, just a few years ago, a lot of praise for helping to bring to a close a kidnapping case.

    In December he robbed a store at gunpoint and took off with 200 dollars. YES I THINK THIS WAS WRONG. But it appears he was about the same age as George Rosado. George killed someone. Tamar showed a gun and will now be serving three years to forty months in the state prison.

    George has a horrible history. Guns, drugs, threats, etc etc. all outlined on various pages and places from people who would know.

    Tamar screwed up for sure. But he did show that he had a good and generous heart when he and his friend involved themselves to help to bring to a close the kidnapping of a child and the abductor. He deserves a chance but he didn’t get one.

    BTW, Stedman is going to dig his heels in on this decision he made in less than 11 hours. He’s looking to be reelected and then on to a judgeship.

    There are young adults out there who know what happened. Do they want to live the rest of their lives telling people that the system is fucked and then tell this story of Ibram as an example?

    Or do they want to step forward and tell what happened. And live the rest of their lives knowing that they did the right thing for Ibram’s family and expecting nothing less from their own children.

  2. Frank Lee says:

    Will you be covering the Elizabethtown Fair? LNP is!

  3. Localyocal says:

    He was released on supervision

    Which is exactly what he was supposed to be on once he got out of rehab to avoid serious drug charges not that long ago

    How’d that work out?

    If you drive down that block and look to that side of the street, there are no curtains on his bedroom window, so I’m assuming he’s not staying there.

  4. Frank Lee says:

    Did Rosado make bail?

    • Becky says:

      I don’t know, Frank, and I don’t know how to find out and I don’t know if I can find out. If anyone knows about juvenile court and whether a judge might rule if something is open to the public, please let us know.

  5. huh? says:

    Helpless, you said it better than I have. Thank you.

  6. Helpless says:

    Yes….who else was in that room. A friend of someone quite powerful? Or a confidential informant maybe? I often wonder how many drug task force CI’s are involved in and/or silent witnesses to violent felonies.

    Hopefully one of the kids will have the courage to come forward to a site like and tell the truth of exactly what happened, giving the Hanna family closure and, perhaps, forcing real justice to be served.

  7. huh? says:

    PS – and if all those concerned loving community members who held Ibram in such high esteem know anything more, one less “God bless the Hanna family” and one more, “hey! here is what really happened. I know because my child was there” telling of the truth would show real respect and care for the Hanna family.

    If their kids were there and observed the killing, and this apparent cover up is what their kids see as a result, what an awful lesson their parents are teaching them and what an awful solution they are being sold as the right one.

  8. huh? says:

    Helpless: don’t forget, after those “boys” committed that crime they were allowed to go right on back to their public high school. If they were a McCaskey student and a minority with no connections they would still be in jail.

    All reports point out (except for the official one) that there were other kids there.

    I think that Hanna and Rosado both would have been thrown under the bus had they been witnesses to the shooting had it involved “regular” (translate that to WASP) Hempfielders. And the only reason that Rosado isn’t being thrown under the bus is that they are protecting someone else who was in that room and ran.

    No cops and no DA would ever accept that it was an accident had it just been two boys in the room. Especially since George Rosado has such a dismal track record. And the DA and cops knew about his previous crimes. He was a criminal and violent young man going into this incident.

    Did the other kids in the room vouch for him? And why did they vouch for him? Are they afraid of him? Did their parents say “don’t get involved” and hire lawyers to speak for them?

    At least one commenter on social media from Mountville seems to be a little more than inclined to defend Rosado and his own son has a photo of Hanna and himself as his profile pic. But Hanna is missing from his friend’s list on facebook. Coincidence? We’ll probably never know.

  9. Frank Lee says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, dead kid, blah, blah, blah. Anything on yesterday’s Slide The City?

  10. Helpless says:

    Is this the same West Hempfield police department where a young man committed a home invasion with a weapon and then only received the slightest slap on his wrist? Oh wait, wasn’t he the son of a cop? What’s the connection here? Who is calling in a favor this time?

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