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Por que1

       “She will be able to do what she wants all day with no demands made on her,” said Mrs. Stewart, speaking before a gaggle of some 40 media organizations including Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network.
     LNP sent investigative reporter Susan Baldrige to Kennett Square today to cover Lily, the horse, of course (click here)!
     Why wouldn’t Telemundo be there? Why? What is wrong with these people? This must be her first time out of the literal ivory tower that is LNP since she pan-handled on the square!


**   And here’s Steve Markle again! Using a different computer and a proxy site (one of his favorites!).
Markle 5-251

*    Look! Here’s Steve Markle now! Because I get so many visitors from Norway using the “onion” or “tor” route!

Markle 5-25


      This story was updated at 4:20 p.m. May 24 to add that that Hogan said he had a passing average in calculus before missing two tests because of illness. 
Added to the LNP story yesterday, “Hempfield High students to school: #LetBenWalk,” (click here).
     Ridiculous! Simply ridiculous.
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    ¡Porque! the mention of Telemundo was meant to give her story an international flavor 🙂

  2. Lanco1111 says:

    Like I have said before keep up the good work. their time will come, karma is a *itch.

  3. Lanco1111 says:

    Becky, your just such a troll magnet:

  4. galty says:

    Do remember on the old talk back after he was banned his name would appear that he had submitted a posted but no post from him could found(he had hacked the TalkBack page)

    Its very sad that he thinks so little of him self he needs to drag people down to his level.

    He was considered a Joke on TalkBack even before he was banned

  5. robert says:

    So he uses Two different systems. Win7 & Win10 within an hour??

  6. Becky says:

    This is not to scare anyone. I had Wordfence added to this site because of Markle and his illegal attempts to shut down this site through the comments and DOS attacks.

    And this is what annoys me about LNP and their “insider” stories. They claim it’s so they know which stories people are reading – and believe me – they have a MUCH more elaborate and sophisticated system than my simple traffic monitoring program.

    This is also to law enforcement and the often repeated statement of “Can’t you just block him?” No, I can’t. Because Markle can and does change his IP in literally seconds.

    And also to law enforcement: It is not difficult at all to determine where over 1,500 harassing comments into this site are coming from.