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    Posted on March 31st, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         Fire alarm at a Scandinavian embassy?
         One of the many such comments that came into this site when I first posted this Twitter photo from former LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer in October of 2014 (click here). A fire alarm had gone off at 8 West King Street and the LNP employees spilled into the square of a city with a population that is over 50 percent minority.
         I’ve been writing about the racism at LNP on this site for 10 years. Eight years ago, when Barack Obama first ran for president, I held a “Find a Minority at LNP” contest. The only minority that was found was Alex Rios.
         In March of 2014 I ran photos of the 83 members of their editorial staff (click here). Every sinlge staff member was white except for Alex Rios.
         There was the year I said “There’s a black man on the front page of the Intell and he’s not charged with a crime. It must be Martin Luther King Day!”
         It was, of course, Martin Luther King Day.
         I pointed out over and over again that no mugshot included with a crime story meant the perpetrator was white.
         I have stated for years that racism in Lancaster County begins with LNP – and it does.
         For years LNP made no attempt to hide their blatant racism. They were proud of it! The Klan was all over their “Talkback” forum.
         In 2010, businessman Charlie Crystle, then a SDoL School Board Member, embarrassed them by openly discussing the racism on their Talkback forum at a meeting. The top executives at LNP claimed they did not know and they shut the forum down.
         Then in September of 2014 came the racist cartoon incident that went national – comparing the seating on airplanes to slave ships. LNP fired the editor who ran it, combined their two editorial pages into one and made little known reporter Suzanne Cassidy the Opinion Editor.
         But nothing has changed. The editorial staff is white. There is absolutely no diversity. They do no have a single minority reporter on staff.
         I stated the other day that, “The racism at LNP is simply astounding, absolutely disgusting and illegal.” 
          And it is. And it cannot continue and those responsible at LNP need to be held accountable and charged accordingly.


    **  Believe it or not, Lancaster Online had this as “BREAKING NEWS” for several hours yesterday. PennLive has a different take on it – click here for, “Baby bald eagles alive and well in hundreds of nests across Pennsylvania.”
         …”The Game Commission doesn’t name wild animals,” she explained. “It’s not appropriate for people to think of them as pets.
         “Giving wild animals human characteristics is a disservice to their wild nature. It slants the relationship that we have as we watch them.”
         The commission moved quickly Wednesday to get in front of any human sentiments for strange actions like body recovery, funeral and burial, even as some viewers mistakenly described actions by the adult birds in the live-stream as somehow mournfully burying their dead offspring in the nest.

    *  From the March 30, 2016 Lancaster City Police Log (click here):

    200 BLK E LEMON ST
    OCCURRED 3/29/2016 BETWEEN 1730 AND 1740 HRS.
    A 15-year-old female was walking with a 14-15 year old male through the Cemetery when they were approached from behind by two unknown suspects. One of the suspects held a gun to the female victim and demanded her belongings. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and took her her cell phone. Both suspects fled on foot towards Howard Ave. 

    OCCURRED 3/28/2016 2228 HRS
    Reported shots fired in area and responding officers found several shell casings at the scene. A vehicle which was parked in front of a residence at the location sustained damage to the rear window and driver’s side mirror from bullet strikes.

    SHOTS FIRED     
    500 BLK HIGH ST
    OCCURRED 3/28/2016 1650 HRS
    Reporting person stated that she heard gun shots.  Responding officers located several shell casings in front of residence.


    LNP Media2

    LNP Media1

          LNP Media Group is looking for four reporters – some of the ads have been up for months (click here).
         What, besides being white and ignoring the truth and the obvious, does it take to become a LNP reporter?
    Please check back later today.


    7 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – ** – * WHAT DOES IT TAKE…”

    1. Not much!!!

    2. 🙂

    3. It’s prom season. We can’t possibly concern ourselves with such mundane matters as rampant, violent crime.

    4. OMG! I almost posted that this morning! I’m not sure I’ll manage to survive “prom season!” 🙂

    5. I notice Manheim Township is not on their school list!!!

      What does this mean? What are these schools “signing onto?”:

      Here’s the lineup of Lancaster County proms we’re covering as of today. This list will continue growing as more schools from across the region sign on.

    6. Manheim Twp not included so far? That’s rich.

      BTW, I’m looking at all those openings at the LNP and KNOWING that there are so many reporters looking for work and they haven’t filled them yet?

      Either they have no intention to and just have the ads up to satisfy someone or they are purposely not advertising on websites where they would actually get real reporters to enter real resumes and ergo wouldn’t have control over the applicant pool.

    7. LNP. The Ted Baxter of print.