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    Posted on March 15th, 2016 Becky 13 comments



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         In May of 2014, when there were sixteen unsolved murders in the city, LNP reporter Susan Baldrige wrote this in her first story on the murder of Allan Hess: 
         The story of the Hess murder is the first in a series of unsolved homicides Lancaster Newspapers is reviewing with the goal of uncovering new information from the public.
         On June 1, 2014, Baldrige wrote several articles about the unsolved murder of Juan Lopez.
         And then LNP and Baldrige stopped and wrote no more. Why? Now there are 21 unsolved murders.

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    *   The first comment on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article.

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          This is a warning for all adults in Lancaster County. Do not run for your local school board. It will bring you no money and nothing but misery and incredible amounts of work.
         And if LNP decides they want to look like a “real” newspaper, they will come after you like rabid dogs.
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    1. I think there is much, much more going on here than meets the eye.

      Take a look at the business Bill Murry is in. See a similarity to another business that is strikingly like one that “owns” all the PSP projects?

      Is he bulldogging them or are they bulldogging him to create a situation where he might be taken down to raise “someone else” up?

      All of this is conjecture. But there is something fishy going on. They aren’t letting this one go, just like they didn’t let Kirchner go after he was f*cked over by the LNP’s staffer.

    2. There is something going on! This is absurd! I’m making a list – might take me two days to finish it it’s so long:

      Can you imagine everything they would have if this paper decided to hold Mayor Gray accountable for his actions:

      — 21 unsolved murders under Gray.

      — Too many shootings and unsolved violent crimes to count.

      — Hires a Police Chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years.

      — Maintains the Police Chief even though he is incompetent and rude and has failed to diversify the police force whatsoever.

      — His only action against the violence has been to pass and try to defend a city ordinance that has never been enforced/used in five years.

      — Lied to the voters to originally get elected to office by stating he would do a study of LNP’s convention center/hotel.

      — Reversed that the day after he was elected and has been LNP’s lapdog ever since.

      — Tries to satisfy the EPA by using green roofs and rain gardens.

      — His only concern is for the magazine blocks around his house and the convention center downtown.

    3. OMG! I wonder if Mayor Gray is putting a bed in his house so LNP reporter Dan Nephin can spend the night and kiss his butt 24 hours a day!

    4. And the article by Nephin mentioned in this piece had me shaking my head as well. Someone should investigate:

      LNP’s headline asserts, “Lancaster city bond refinancing will save $9.1 million.”

      Maybe yes, maybe no. Not mentioned in the article are any costs and prepayment or yield maintenance penalties due when the prior debt was paid off and the cost of commissions and hefty legal fees when the replacement financing was achieved.

      We would like to believe that the refinancing was a good idea and saved quite a bit of money. But how much one cannot tell from the article.

    5. LNP has become the sorriest excuse of an ‘investigative, journalistic newspaper’ imaginable.

      The list of possible ‘investigations’ that LNP could be doing will soon be a mile long, yet they ignore the ones that impact the community and county; and focus their efforts on the ones that could positively effect their bottom-line and the bottom-line of their cohorts in crime.

      There can be no ‘celebration’ of the sunshine laws in Lancaster City or Lancaster County government as long as the current ‘powers that be’ continue to exercise their behind closed doors ‘privileges’.

    6. I believe that you mentioned a short time ago that the LNP doesn’t seem to advertise openings. for reporters etc. on traditional journo outlets.

      They aren’t too sunshiny themselves.

    7. Speaking of being transparent and sunshiny, the LNP has now elevated Brett Hambright to “staff.”

      They pass off his press releases without bothering to credit him anymore – with his blessing I am sure. They used to mention him in their rewrites; now they imply they were right there in the courtroom.

      Key word is “pleaded.”

    8. But they do quote Hambright in the Manheim Township article! Unbelievable. Come on old work buddy Hambright, tell the DA to charge them! Please!

      It’s sickening!

    9. I wonder if they get the press release prior to it being posted on the DA’s website? To pass it off as their own?

      Not transparent, lying by omission. Are there phone calls between the two offices? You know… sort of like making phone calls and trying to line up search committees before publicly telling anyone.

    10. They’ve got former LNP reporter Bernard Harris as the city hall clerk and Hambright in the DA’s office! OMG! It’s twisted! And defense attorneys in Lancaster are not pleased by the Hambright move (they didn’t like him to begin with). They are not pleased one little bit!

    11. How much have property taxes gone up since the Dick’s been mayor?

    12. It's Your Right

      Maybe a Right To Know request for all email correspondence between Stedman and Hambright for the two year period prior to Hambright being hired by Stedman would produce enlightening information.

    13. Oh, the wicked webs we weave…….