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    Posted on January 15th, 2016 Becky 14 comments


         This is unbelievable. Karen in the Lancaster County Clerk of Courts Office told me by phone this afternoon that Vandy Blankenship’s trial for homicide has been going on all week. There has been no media coverage since Monday. I assumed someone crucial to the case had gotten ill or something else occurred to stop or delay the trial. That is not the case.
         This is absolutely shocking and there will be more on this tomorrow.
         This went up on Lancaster Online this afternoon (click here):

    Coming Sunday          As I have stated repeatedly on this site for over ten years, racism in Lancaster County begins with LNP!
    Please check back tomorrow.


    * UPDATED 9:20 am – Well, someone reads this site! Brett Hambright of the DA’s Office just tweeted the below. But his link takes you to his story from Monday (click here). What is going on?



         What happened to the murder trial of Vandy Blankenship, charged with the September 3, 2014 killing of Donald R. Reinmiller? According to PennLive and LNP, the jury was chosen last week and opening statements and testimony were heard on Monday – click here for, “Trial underway for man accused of fatally stabbing, strangling roommate; attempting cover up.”
         There has not been a word about it since Monday! What happened? Did he plead? Is someone ill?
    Please check back later today.



    1. Brett is now their defacto court reporter. They don’t need to spend any money sending a reporter to the courts because Brett feeds them the information that they are allowed to print. So if he doesn’t write anything then the LNP doesn’t either.

      Doesn’t look like the public has much interest in this case. But just wait til the white woman killed by black men trial appears. Boy howdy, they’ll have coverage then.

    2. PS and I say this because as you can see Brett hasn’t written anything about the trial as of late and the LNP hasn’t written anything either. Why? Because if Brett doesn’t write something then the LNP has nothing to rewrite. So, watch for his next posting about the trial and you will see that the LNP suddenly has a story as well.

    3. Well, they’ve been pretty busy, what with the new coupon clipping wife and mother reporter they just hired. The hallmark of any great newspaper is their coupon section.

    4. OMG! You nailed it, huh? What an absolute disgrace! This is scary!

    5. Guys please………..

      Yes LNP should be covering this, no doubt about it ! However Reinmiller is a German name and Donald was born in 1954 and went to court in 97 for simple assault which he plead quilty. So this poor old white guy takes in a black room mate and is choked and stabbed to death for being decent. Just think, if Donald was a racist he’d still be alive !

    6. BlkBetter, no doubt that Mr. Reinmiller did not deserve to be murdered. However, my comments have more to do with the fact that the paper isn’t bothering with a court reporter anymore since Hambright is now feeding them with whatever they are going to put in print.

      Hambright hasn’t written anything since Monday. He even showed that hand by linking to the old article. And since Hambright hasn’t written anything then the LNP has nothing to report until Hambright writes something. Be patient. Hambright will write something and then the LNP will write something to possibly make it appear like they had someone there. The dead giveaway is how many times they openly quote Hambright in their write up.

      It’s gotten to the point that the newspaper doesn’t even bother hiding it anymore.

    7. huh ?

      Well your right……I kind of caught that after I hit send.

    8. See Comcast on demand HBO 6 part TRUE series called Show Me a Hero. Nick Wasicsko is the mayor of Yonkers during the 80’s when the Feds imposed the same housing projects there. Everyone knew it wouldn’t work. However people made $$$$$$ and if you stood up against it you were a racist.

    9. I’m really looking forward to read this Sunday print exclusive. I imagine it will be a hard hitting, take no prisoners look at race issues in Lancaster. Questions that demand answers from the mayor and right on down the line of leadership posed in a manner that only a scholarly newspaper like LNP can ask….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

    10. Guess I too will be getting the Sunday paper.

    11. I will be reading it online. I started to do research for today’s piece and went off on a tangent (sigh) – so tomorrow will be a big day!

      Well said, Frank. Well said. 🙂 🙂

    12. Sadly, this has all been covered before. Over and over and over. And despite the conclusions reached over and over that racism fueled a lot of the decisions, nothing changed and people like Dale High were allowed to keep raping the city.

    13. And mayor Dick is their puppet on strings. Dance mayor Dick, dance.

    14. Not a problem, BlkBetter. I am often guilty of being more wordy than I need to be. It’s this damn tablet. Hard to edit.