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* Doing some research this afternoon. Back tomorrow.


        Word is from people who were alive and remember this incident, this man raped an inmate while in jail and revenge was carried out by friends of the victim who was raped. If this is true, I have no sympathy for this guy. Believe or not Becky, but there is actually bad black people out there. Not every black man/woman killed by a cop or assaulted by a white person is just an innocent victim of society’s intolerance. That doesn’t fit your far left agenda. You sang the blues for Gomez after being killed by cops while trying to KILL A COP!!!!!! You have said nothing on the white man who was shot in the back and killed in Hummelstown. Nothing on her beating the charges. I guess his skin color wasn’t right for you have some type of self righteous cause.
This comment in from Gray#1 last night.
     Wow! Gray#1 has zinged some public officials on this site and last evening he decided to go after me. So, I’ll respond:
—  Your prison rape story is absurd. I worked on this story for a year and I have lots of people who are still alive who remember this and worked the story with me (including the real J. Richard Gray). I am not going to rehash the original Lancaster Lynching story. I have a website “Lancaster Lynching” that desperately needs to be updated and the pictures re-inserted. There is a permanent link over to the right on this site (click here). I will do that and there may be a book. Other than that, I am dealing with current news and the latest lynching attempt.
—  I am fully aware that there are “bad black people out there!” And then you bring up Gomez. As I recall, I said I didn’t dispute DA Craig Stedman’s statement that it was justified. What the public does have a right to know is the name of the officers involved. And then, when someone posts this repeatedly on Lancaster Online under the stories, you better believe any decent reporter would contact them (click here):
      I was the apartment owner who let the police in that day. 75% if this article is lies. if anyone wants the real story, msg me on FB. unbelievable!
     She states that Gomez did not fire his shot through a backpack and the public has a right to know if he did or didn’t. If Stedman added this to somehow make the situation more dire and deceptive, that is absolutely not okay. The public has a right to know exactly what occurred and a DA obviously should not lie. I did file a complaint with the Department of Justice and will follow-up with them.
— And then you say I did not cover the police involved shooting in Hummelstown! I am one person and I cannot cover everything. This is being covered by the Associated Press, PennLive and multiple other news sources. It was on the CBS national news last night. I’ll let them handle it!
—  Finally, again, I am only one person. I would love to know more about this, “Lancaster man innocent of gun violations in encounter with bouncer outside city bar,” (click here). If you recall, a Molly’s Pub bouncer also shot a man in August. Was it the same bouncer? Was he justified? Click here for, “Man wounded in shooting Sunday morning outside city bar.”
     I could say a lot more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.
Please check back later today.

3 Responses to * SINGING THE BLUES?

  1. huh? says:

    (Continued) the demo started that money never materialized. And the naming rights, remember that pie in the sky? And the guy they hired for marketing that they paid close to a million dollars to who never did a thing?

    All of this and more goes to the unholy alliance forged between the paper and every public entity in the city. And on top of it all, the justice system in the city hires the courtroom reporter as its spokesperson. And now he feeds pre written stories to rookie reporters who change an adjective or two and print it.

    Does Becky coverage seemingly focus on black citizens getting a rotten deal? I think her coverage shows that something seems rotten at the core. And if black citizens seem to be in a majority of those stories… maybe it is because Lancaster’s minorities are now a majority in the city proper.

    Becky has covered the Roseboro trial. No minorities. The doctor who dumped the dead guy in York. No minorities. The two obese women who became tree climbing experts to commit suicide. No minorities. The LNP itself. No minorities there for sure. Michelle Lambert part of a murder. No minorities. Sturla’s son. Not a minority. Davis the baby killer and Cutler’s relative by marriage. No minorities involved.

    Comparing sentencing? How can you ignore 80 years behind bars for Casteller versus house arrest and minimal sentences in the past two months for the same sort of crimes? Boot camp amd return to high school before trial for violent felonious teenagers?

    I could go on and on.

    • Becky says:

      Thank you, huh? Just to clarify one thing – the Lancaster Lynching site is not a WordPress site. It uses my host’s “Site Studio” software – if they still use that – and I haven’t attempted to change anything in years and don’t know if I can/remember how to do it. But I will try and do my best.

  2. huh? says:

    That whole thing about Gomez? Gray#1, is your takeaway about Becky’s coverage that she thought he was innocent?

    My takeaway from that incident (and any number of commenters on the LNP and their facebook page) was that the DA was withholding the officer’s name and stonewalling. Other commenters of course seemed to be OK with allowing a a cop shoot a citizen amd keep his name a secret. Not considering the precedent it sets.

    Using claims that the LPD was under threat – convenient how Akeem Washington’s trial fed into that – but at the same time hiring an active Baltimore cop, during the period of unrest in Baltimore, who had no problem posting publicly about his disrespect for the Maryland state attorney as well as coded public messages on his Facebook page. Evidence that what he had there was inflammatory? The guy felt free to post that bullshit while he was an active cop in Baltimore and the LPD saw no problem in it when they hired him because it stayed that way until Becky pointed it out and posted screen shots. Suddenly his page went, essentially, private and he replaced his cover graphic with a thin blue line. And we know what is coded in the thin blue line choice of graphic.

    Did the rest of the LPD tighten their facebook pages and drop friends who they only knew via Facebook connections? Did the department encourage transparency? Or did they circle their wagons at the behest of higher ups?

    I’ve seen examples of questions brought up here actually seep into an LNP story or two. But the paper is gutless and so enmeshed because it now blatantly sucks at the teat of taxpayer money that it has lost its way. It used every editor, writer, opinion maker to get its white elephant dry-vit covered convention center and hotel built. It ate Marv Adams up and spit him out. It worked on the joke of a historic preservation Trust until they agreed that Emlen Urban’s Watt and Shand store wasn’t historic anymore. It promoted a tale that it had to be torn down because there were no steel girders between floors for instance. And what did the demo show? Steel girders under floors. And there’s the, what was it, three million?, that the HPT was going to donate for facade work. That once they got