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      Thirty four years ago I followed a story in Lancaster that changed my life.
     Robert Henderson sued then Lancaster Detectives Joseph Geesey and Walter Goeke for $30,000 apiece in Federal Court for violation of his civil rights.
       The Lancaster Police Department got their revenge and sent a message to the Black community – on May 1, 1981 Henderson was found impaled by his rectum on the vent pipe of a fuel oil tank on Mill Street.
        The Philadelphia Tribune newspaper ran the headline, “Man critical after Lancaster lynching try.” I would find out how very accurate that headline was.
       To make a very long story short, I became suspicious of a man who worked on Mill Street within 100 feet of the crime scene. I bought a polaroid camera, walked into his place of business, saw him sitting at a table with two other men and I took their picture.
      The next day, following tremendous pressure from the Tribune, artist sketches of the three men were printed in the Lancaster Newspapers.
     Those sketches and my photograph are above. I spent over a year on the story trying every possible avenue to no avail. I did not write again for over 20 years.
     And now, after all these years, I find out it’s still going on. Only the police are not physically trying to lynch minority men and women – they are doing it through the Lancaster Court system while the Lancaster Newspapers turn a blind eye as they have done for years.
     And Akeem Washington’s trial and sentence is the most corrupt and shocking example of a modern day lynching you will find. I will cover this story intermittently until Washington gets a new trial. Period.
[Editor’s Note: There is a permanent link to the Lancaster Lynching story to the right, however, the photograph and artists sketches are no longer online and I need to re-insert them and I will. It is still a site under construction.]

7 Responses to MODERN DAY LYNCHING! – 5

  1. Frank Lee says:

    In looking at the photo. Weren’t these guys some of mayor Dick’s 1%’er buddies?

  2. Gray#1 says:

    Word is from people who were alive and remember this incident, this man raped an inmate while in jail and revenge was carried out by friends of the victim who was raped. If this is true, I have no sympathy for this guy. Believe or not Becky, but there is actually bad black people out there. Not every black man/woman killed by a cop or assaulted by a white person is just an innocent victim of society’s intolerance. That doesn’t fit your far left agenda. You sang the blues for Gomez after being killed by cops while trying to KILL A COP!!!!!! You have said nothing on the white man who was shot in the back and killed in Hummelstown. Nothing on her beating the charges. I guess his skin color wasn’t right for you have some type of self righteous cause.

  3. huh? says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I was trying to figure out where Mill Street is.

  4. huh? says:

    This case is what drew me to your website. Can you refresh my memory on why you were suspicious of that guy? I mistakenly thought these three were in Lancaster when you took the picture. And IIRC, you were suspicious of at least one of them assaulting an elderly man. But was that in Lancaster or in Philadelphia?

    • Becky says:

      The picture of the three men was taken in Lancaster. I had moved to Philly several months before this occurred. I was working as a freelancer for the Tribune and when they ran the “Lynching” headline I said that’s impossible! It’s Lancaster! So I spent a lot of time in Lancaster and I realized very early on that the men had to be very familiar with the area to know the fuel tank was there. I also realized very early on that the police were not lifting a finger to solve it. And yes, four months later three men attacked an elderly man in the Prince Street garage and took his car and threw him over a cliff. The artist sketches in that crime are almost identical to those in the Henderson case. No one was ever arrested for either crime. They couldn’t arrest them for the second crime because the police hired them/were involved in the first crime.

      I will try to update the website and put everything there.