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    Posted on November 3rd, 2015 Becky 11 comments


          The AutoZone on East Chestnut Street in the city was robbed on Saturday, October 24th by two men (click here). AutoZones have surveillance cameras. No video has been released to the public and no arrests have been made.
         This happens time and time again. And LNP “police reporter” reporter Ryan Robinson runs suspect’s photos all the time – from the East Lampeter, Manheim Township and Ephrata Police Departments to name a few. In fact, they’ve run photos of people stealing bottles of alcohol. And the public very often identifies the perpetrator and they are arrested.
         And yet, he never questions the Lancaster Police about the lack of videos or does any follow-up whatsoever. The four sentence “article” about the robbery is all there is. Another unsolved crime in Lancaster. Time to move on to the next crime.
         And early this morning another Turkey Hill was robbed (click here). Turkey Hills have surveillance cameras. Will video be released to the public? If not, why not? Is it the same person as one of the two AutoZone robbers? Will the Lancaster Police make an arrest? When will these robbers rob again? Will they injure or kill someone the next time?
         The Lancaster detectives are not solving any crimes and LNP ignores that fact over and over again – the same way they ignore the 161 coalition cameras in Lancaster and never question why no videos are released to the public.
         As I’ve said so many times before – it is utterly shocking and disgusting that a news organization puts the public directly at risk this way and doesn’t hold the police, the mayor, the DA or city council accountable.
         Maybe the next time there is a robbery in the city, LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda’s daughter or one of Robinson’s children will be in the store. Do you think they will care then?

    [Editor’s Note: I am aware that LNP reporter Chad Umble “wrote” the four sentence AutoZone story. But he was a fill-in on the police scanner as Ryan Robinson and Jennifer Todd are listed as the police reporters and write/re-write the vast majority of the police press releases.]     


        From yesterday’s print edition by LNP police reporter Ryan Robinson. Robinson runs to Police Chief Keith Sadler for justification for this modern day lynching!
    Please check back later today.



    11 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – MODERN DAY LYNCHING! – 3”

    1. Sadler and the threatened officera sat in court to hear the sentences.

      Welcome to Lancaster’s theater of the absurd.

    2. Yup! The three officers were in the front row and I did not get a good look at them. Officer Erik Pannone was Todd Dickinson’s partner in the infamous WGAL tape but was apparently never fired as Dickinson was. Detective Michael Winters, who brought the charges and can’t solve a single crime, sat at a table and Sadler came in by himself right before the sentencing and sat almost directly behind me.

    3. There was a lot of police power in that courtroom! I don’t know who was out arresting criminals – oops, never mind – they don’t do that anyway!

    4. Police did not report why the man was on the roof or what caused him to fall. They are not releasing more information about the incident, Umstead said.

      Yes, Ryan Robinson, that’s what police spokesmen say in Lancaster – we are not releasing more information!


    5. LANP sucks so bad that even readers who say it doesn’t suck, say it sucks.

    6. I understand where you’re coming from Becky, but what are the police to do when faced with “no snitchin’ “?

    7. I’m talking about cameras, Frank. I don’t think the “no snitchin” is that much of a problem and when Sadler & Gray met with the editorial board (missing tape), Sadler said they get a lot of information from the public and it’s not that big a problem.

    8. Yeah…”missing” tape. Someone must have asked a real question.

    9. I think if someone recognized one of the robbers as living in their neighborhood, they would call the police!!!

    10. I would hope so!

    11. No snitching. In Lancaster, that’s practiced on both sides pf the fence. It’s not limited to the criminals. And when you see the citizens videotapes of abuse exposed, what citizen would want to help out a contingent that is out of control and answerable to no one.