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   Tremayne Jones
       Much of what he said was not worthy of belief.
     Akeem Washington’s defense attorney, John Churchville, said this about Tremayne Jones by phone shortly after Washington was found guilty on three counts of Criminal Solicitation to Commit Homicide against three Lancaster Police Officers.
     Sitting at my computer for two hours, I found the below information for Tremayne Jones and published it on this site on August 15th (click here and also read the afternoon post that states Jones was charged as a pimp in a multi-state sex trafficking ring).
     Having never met before – Jones was from Texas then – and after spending less than 24 hours as cellmates in the Lancaster County Prison, Jones told the jury Washington wanted to kill the three Lancaster Police Officers and had devised a plan.
     On Friday, Washington, was sentenced to 25-1/2 years to 60 years in prison.
     I have trouble wrapping my brain around this, so please be patient as I tell this tale of a modern day lynching in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.      


   *** BREAKING NEWS ***

Tremayne Jones

     Lancaster County Assistant District Attorney Christopher Lechner said Jones [identified in the article as Treymayne Jones] had no ulterior motive and was so disturbed by Washington’s plan he felt it necessary to come forward.
      Lechner said Jones told authorities he felt the alleged plot to kill one of the officer’s family went too far, the story reported.
     “One of the things that was unusual … was he said he didn’t want anything in return,” Lechner said, noting there was no deal for Jones’s cooperation. “We wouldn’t have proceeded (to trial) if we felt he was an unreliable witness.”
From the LNP article by Cindy Stauffer, “Man faces up to 60 years in prison for plotting to kill city cops,” (click here).
     Well, isn’t that special, Mr. Lechner? Can you say “liar?”
—  You pull up Pennsylvania dockets for Jones and there is only the one. Poor guy lived a good clean life and just got into trouble once!
—  And then you look closer. His docket states his middle name is “Sherrard” and his date-of-birth is 11-23-1983 and he is from Spring Valley, California.
—  And you google him and find out that the spelling of his first name is most often spelled “Tremayne,” not the “Treymayne” used by the Lancaster Courts.
—  And then you find out that a “Tremayne” S. Jones, with the same date-of-birth was arrested on June 3, 2015 in Marion County, Oregon for harassment.
—  Oh, and then you do a little more searching and find out this guy really gets around – his Lancaster docket says his parole will be moved to Texas. 
—  And then you find out this man is the scum of the earth!


  1. huh? says:

    So, his parole is being moved to Texas. How convenient. Out of sight, out of mind, out of reach of court appointed public defenders who aren’t allotted the time or money to investigate further.

    ‘He didn’t ask for a thing.’ He didn’t have to. Perhaps he was offered the chance to return to Texas and didn’t have to ask for anything.

    And was he immediately moved to Texas before the trial was over on the off chance that his attorney hadn’t made this discovery right away and so if he did the guy would already be gone and they could convince the judge not to spend the money to bring him back?

    My goodness, the mind does wander.