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      Philadelphia Police are taking a bold step when it comes to transparency.
     Commissioner Ramsey sent a memo to his officers stating the department will begin releasing the names of any officer who fired their gun at a suspect.
     The names will be released within 72 hours of the shooting — and the new rule is effective immediately.
     “Which a suspect is either fired upon, struck or missed – the names of the officers involved will be released,” said Commissioner Ramsey.
From CBS-3 yesterday, “New Policy Sparks Harsh Criticism From Police Union,” (click here).
     There is a qualification from Ramsey about “threats” in the story. How credible are the “threats” in the Lancaster police involved shooting death where DA Stedman is refusing to release the officers’ names weeks after the incident? There will be more later today.
Police Officers
     And speaking of the police, five new Lancaster officers were sworn in by Mayor Gray on Tuesday (click here). Where is city council? Where is the Lancaster Human Relations Commission? Where is the NAACP and SACA? Where is LNP? This is just outrageous and the police hiring needs to be investigated now.
     And what are the Lancaster Police doing to solve crimes in Lancaster? Not much is the short answer. I’ll look at two cases later today.
     And, once again, with Independence Day just around the corner, it seems  this simple reminder needs to be printed again: the truth is an absolute defense for libel/slander/defamation (click here if you really want to read all about it). 
     So, if you want to throw those words around and threaten to sue me over something I published that was in fact true – you are the one committing libel and slander and defaming my good name. And that makes me madder than hell – and that is never a good thing. There will be more at a later date.
Please check back later today.  

6 Responses to TRANSPARENCY

  1. Frank Lee says:

    Put a white hat on him and he’d look like Boss Hogg. “Frankly if it weren’t for them Duke boys, the quality of life in Hazzard County would improve”

  2. Rednek says:

    Mayor Bowtie has a little bit of glare from the back of his rug.

  3. huh? says:

    Wow, not one bald head in the group.

  4. Frank Lee says:

    That’s a pretty diverse looking group of people Becky, I don’t know what your problem is. Look again. One guy has on a blue shirt, another guy has a crew cut, one guy is wearing a grey shirt and two of the guys have white shirts, and Col. Sanders there is wearing seersucker.

  5. my goodness says:

    I want the names and pics of the people threatening our police. I want to know and feel I have a right to know if any of these scumbags are living in my neighborhood.