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     There are three blatant, recent criminal cases where explicit preferential treatment was given by the DA and Judges because of political connections – and LNP purposely and knowingly covered them up and flat-out lied to the public: 

1. G. Scott Davis, Representative Bryan Cutler’s step brother-in-law. 

2. Devin Gardill and Luke Karpathios who were sentenced to six months in boot camp for a violent home invasion for drugs. Gardill is the son of a West Hempfield Police Officer and Karpathios is the son of a prominent Lancaster businessman. 

3. Katie West who drove high on heroin and was involved in an accident that killed her husband and one of her children who were in the car. She was not charged and the DA and police tried to blame and convict a recent immigrant truck driver whom she hit. She is the sister of County Commissioner Scott Martin. 

     I will come back to each one of these in detail – but Representative Bryan Cutler should be outraged by all these cases as well and urging for the dismissal of the public officials involved in them.  



     “If people do not trust that the process is fair, they will always question the results,” Cutler said. “The residents of the Commonwealth deserve to be able to trust their public officials, and when that trust is destroyed, the official must be dismissed.”
From Representative Bryan Cutler’s website post calling for the impeachment of District Judge Kelly Ballentine (click here).
Stedman1     I certainly hope Cutler is also calling for the dismissal of DA Craig Stedman, because he obstructed justice and gave outrageous preferential treatment to Cutler’s step brother-in-law, G. Scott Davis. What a hypocrite!
     See “ABSOLUTE OVERKILL” two posts down on this site for G. Scott Davis’ charges and treatment compared to the participants in the Easter shooting tragedy of a child in Lancaster.
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  1. Frank Lee says:

    I used to think the same thing about LANP Anonymous 2. But in rethinking it, unlike LANP, a merchandiser or shoppers guide doesn’t claim to or pretend to be a newspaper. LANP should be ashamed of their lack of journalistic ethics and standards. LANP is a brochure for the Con and the PR firm for all who support the Con.

  2. Anonymous2 says:

    I was deeply shocked by the kid glove treatment of Cutler case by the DA’s office. I am even more deeply shocked at the possibility of Boot Camp for a repeat offender who has now killed someone.

    LNP is nothing but a clone of the Merchandiser and the Grit.

    Please keep connecting the dots, Becky. I wish you had a platform that reached higher to State and Fed levels. The “justice” system in Lancaster needs to be investigated. There is no justice here unless you are well-connected. And don’t have a single drop of minority blood in your veins.

  3. Gray #1 says:

    LNP doesn’t report on these issues and there’s no point in anybody else starting now. There’s nothing to see here folks. Go check out the exciting and epic story about barn weddings featured in today’s paper.

  4. Gee Wiz says:

    I must admit my mouth did drop when I read about the “Boot Camp” sentence and I thought favoritism. Then the Ms. West trail was another mouth drop….”I Don’t Believe It”. I did think the truck driver should have gotten something ? Why would Mr. West allow his wife to drive? She must have did a line in the bathroom without him knowing it.

  5. huh? says:

    Don’t forget the Slaymaker chick and her boyfriend who dumped their overdosing friend on the side of the road to die. And all charges were dismissed against her.

  6. Frank Lee says:

    Isn’t the good shoe saleswoman/judge a F.O.D. (Friend Of Dick)?

  7. Gee Wiz says:

    OK……I’m very familiar with the safe use and operation of firearms and I cannot imagine what went through Davis’s mind when that pistal went off and he looked at the baby he’d shot. But he did call the police and turned over the weapon an cooperated fully during the investigation. He didn’t hand over the weapon to a family member who left the house to hind it. Was the Key weapon a legal purchase ?? Or was it a street corner deal ?? Yes, I agree Davis got a soft deal. But it was a tragic event and he did all the law abiding things a normal law abiding person would. Have a good day Becky 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Gee Wiz – I don’t have time to list everything wrong with the handling of Davis’ case – but we are not at all sure that he is the one who dialed 911! Check the reports carefully. And while he had three other guns in his apartment, he failed to see two clear warnings there was a bullet in the chamber on his new gun and he aimed at his baby and pulled the trigger? You didn’t see DA Stedman on Madison Street on Easter Sunday holding a press conference to tell folks what a terrible accidental tragedy this was and how the pain these folks will feel for the rest of their lives is worse than any punishment the law could impose. And I assume Elaine Key’s purchase of the gun was legal because there are no charges related to that against her. And I could go on but I have many things to do. You have a nice day as well. 😛

  8. Gee Wiz says:

    Do you people realize Judge Ballentine is still receiving paid benefits ?? We are paying for those benefits !! Besides fixing her own tickets she operated a shoe store without a licenses……when she sold you a product she charged 6% state tax and kept the money. That makes her a thief and criminal. I’m sure if Kelly Ballentine was a Irish male you’d be posting all over about the injustice and favoritism Irish males get in Lancaster County. So I throw down the gauntlet !! Now prove me wrong and make me eat my words !!!!!!

    • Becky says:

      Gee Wiz – I do not believe Ballentine should be a judge either. When you fix your own tickets you’re done! Period. I don’t know much about her tax situation – apparently her attorney says she paid the state taxes but didn’t file returns. I don’t know – but I believe the ticket fixing should have ended her career as a judge. My point is that Cutler is a total hypocrite because his family just received blatant preferential treatment from the DA and a Judge and he should be calling for them to be dismissed and then he can add himself to the list and dismiss himself!

  9. my goodness says:

    The motto for Lancaster Co: Do as I say not as I do.