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  • *** – ** UPDATED – * LET’S CHAT!

    Posted on January 16th, 2015 Becky 15 comments

    ***  Waiting for Mayor Gray’s press conference!  Have a great Friday night and please check back tomorrow.

    ** Look carefully at this screen shot just taken from Lancaster Online!  Someone is taking the NRA’s money! 


    *   Besides Gray and Graupera, Barbara Wilson, council’s public safety chair, and other council members are expected at the 4 p.m. news conference.

         A second big occasion today!   Gee, could Mayor Dick be grandstanding – again?  Click here for LNP’s “Lancaster mayor, council to respond to NRA’s lawsuit” and see “LISTEN UP!” and the comments under it immediately below on this site!



         The “live chat” is the talk of the day (click here)!  Get your coffee, soda, sandwiches, snacks and popcorn ready!  I’ll see you at at exactly high noon!  I wonder if LNP will have an ambulance on standby?
    Please check back later today.


    15 responses to “*** – ** UPDATED – * LET’S CHAT!”

    1. I must assume that we citizens cannot depend upon our city council to do the right thing either. Rubber stampers are all they are. In the meantime we citizens must contend with the new norm of gunshots all over Lancaster. Mayor, council, check with police dispatch from last night to find out what is going in Lancaster while you are concentrating on YOUR lawsuit.

    2. ROFLOL, great catch Becky!

    3. Right now there’s another NRA ad under the “Kirkpatrick chat” article! LOL! (With this one you get a free pocket knife – great – just what Lancaster needs!) 🙁

    4. Huh? I got a “message” from my computer that not all the content was “secure” on LNP and I had to “allow all content” to show the box with the questions and answers. So far…BORING! LNP, of course, is controlling the questions being asked.

    5. I’ve tried to find a link to the live chat… can’t find one.


    7. I just have a question. Why would a gun owner whose gun was stolen object to reporting that their gun was stolen??

      Okay, two questions. And why would the NRA think that requiring a gun theft to be reported is somehow “anti-gun”?

      I don’t get it.

    8. Anonymous2 – I don’t think any decent gun owner would object to reporting that their gun was stolen. That’s probably why no one has ever been charged under the ordinance since it was passed in 2009! And I think the NRA stance is that the state controls all regulations regarding guns so Lancaster City does not have the authority to pass such an ordinance. It does seem like the city’s ordinance is “window dressing” and an attempt by Mayor Gray to look good. And I don’t see how this law helps to prevent “straw purchases.” If a gun is used in the commission of a crime – the police trace it back to the person who bought it and go from there. If a person bought it for someone who can’t legally purchase/own a gun, then you charge the buyer the same as you would for an adult buying alcohol for a minor.

    9. Just got home from a seminar at 2:00…missed the ‘live chat’ w/ John Kirkpatrick. Logged onto LOL for the ‘replay”……NOTHING!! No video replay, no printed summary, NOTHING. What the heck is LNP hiding????

    10. Rednek, I found it on LOL – but once again – depending on your browser – I had a yellow bar come up for a second time at the bottom of my screen (two different computers) to tell me that not all the content in that article was “secure” and I had to click on “show all content” to have the box with the actual dialog appear.

    11. FYI that ad is a Google ad. That is not an LNP ad. When there is not an LNP ad shown it automatically picks one from Google.

    12. Hi Becky…after several attempts I finally figures out how to get the transcript. I agree with your earlier comment…BORING. Although it is so comforting to know that Barbara has a window to look out!!!

      I find it impossible to believe that only 12 subscribers have cancelled. Oh, maybe that was in the past 6 hours….who knows??

    13. LOL, Rednek! Good to know you are comforted! 😛 And I don’t believe Barbara and her 12 cancelled subscriptions for one second!

    14. Google puts an ad up with whatever your most recent topic of webpage you’ve been on. So if you were looking up prices of maxi pads at Walmart, you may have a walmart ad, a maxi pad ad or even a competitor ad.

      NRA ad since it’s about the NRA

    15. Thank you for that, Scott! 😉 😛