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* 1-15-2015 – Palmer Brown is no longer employed by LNP.  I apologize for the error.


LNP Taste Test

     Following LNP’s huge announcement today, this is what their editorial staff is doing this afternoon according to LNP reporter Ryan Mellon’s Twitter account:

     LNP milkshake test happening now. Staffers taste test 4 vanilla shakes from area restaurants and Farm Show. Pick fav
     That is not going to keep you in business, LNP!  What is wrong with these idiots?
     The reaction to LNP’s moving their printing operation out of downtown Lancaster has been fast and literally furious. 
     Palmer Brown, a leader in their digital team went on the People Of Lancaster’s Facebook page early this morning to explain further (why there and not on LNP’s own Facebook page which he runs remains a mystery although the official LNP line was to simply repost sections of their letter over and over again in response to comments):
     A new press would cost millions without an ROI. Ink on paper is going away.
     It is extremely unfortunate for those who work in production and with the press. Good hard working people who are mostly the victims of technology.

     From a business view it is a sensible decision by LNP to sub out the production and printing to the Patriot News. They have a newer high capacity press that sits idle a lot. Over the next two years there will be (a more) rapid deceleration in print news consumption. To the point where it will no longer be viable. Best to let someone else eat the cost of that press.
     Hmmm…  You are saying in two years there will be no print edition at all.  If they vastly improve their content – for example – not having milkshake contests and covering police brutality – would the print edition stay viable longer?  And why did the Patriot News shell out huge bucks for a press that you are saying will not be used at all in two years?  Was that another huge John Kirkpatrick misstep and failure?
      And the new press sits idle a lot because the Patriot News is only printed three days a week because of Kirkpatrick who is now the new LNP President.  As a commenter to this site said today:
     Things at LNP hit a fast, slippery slope when they hired this Kirkpatrick fool. All of a sudden LNP starting printing pieces from the Patriot and York Dispatch (both of who Kirkpatrick has ties to, business or romantic-wise).
     Then the stupid re-branding and layout. Now this.
     That guy should be chased out of town with torches.
     Let’s not forget to chase Robert Krasne, their new Publisher, out of town with torches as well!
     There will be much more on this tomorrow!

** “Always Mechanicsburg!”

* “To our readers: LNP to be printed at state-of-the-art facility in Mechanicsburg,” (click here).



  Noemi Lausell’s mugshot from November of 2011.

       Is there a Noemi Lausell and a Naomi Lausell in Lancaster or are they the same woman? Are they sisters?  Naomi Lausell is featured in today’s front-page story, “Mother of prison suicide victim: 20 minutes passed before anyone found son” (click here).
     Noemi Lausell was featured on this site in November of 2011 – click here for “LANCASTER POLICE – OUT OF CONTROL!” and here for “TASERED AND BEATEN!”
Please check back later today.


  1. Sonya Morton says:

    And I having been a Correctional Officer for 20 years at LCP, got fired in April 2012 for accepting a phone call off duty from a parent wanting to know if her son was alright. The woman’s phone was being tapped in September 2011 and our innocent One conversation was apparently investigated for 7 months and I was suspended and ultimately fired because I talked to an ex inmate off duty and did not report the conversation. The prison said I could no longer be trusted. I did nothing illegal, I gave the inmate no special privileges’ nor was I accused of such. They simply fired me for having human compassion from one mother to another in making sure her son was alive and breathing like I did for all the inmates incarcerated there during my tenure.

  2. Rednek says:

    But will any of them make it to LOL to read afterwards????

    LNP has already been bombarded..as they should be…Their ‘defense’ flies in the wake of sound business practices…they should have been preparing for replacement presses a long time ago, if in fact they really wanted to maintain their production facilities in downtown Lancaster.

    The horse is out of the barn, because they did not fix the stalls. And, it won’t be coming back.

  3. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky…it’s a quote by one of the talking heads buried in the article.

    Speaking of buried…..RIP….LNP

    • Becky says:

      Rednek, you are almost always right – but I think you are wrong about tomorrow’s LNP “chat” with Kirkpatrick. I think he will be bombarded by angry comments and questions!

  4. Rednek says:

    “Burgeoning downtown”…………what a joke!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lcp uses specific inmates like lab rats. Psychologically tortures them until they can’t take anymore. Its called abetment to suicide. What would you do if u were under the impression that you were listening to your loved ones being brutally gang raped, slowly tortured , and finally killed. For days and days

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lcp kills. Is called abetment to suicide. Wrote u a detailed book twice so as for you to understand, however I keep getting kicked off therefore losing everything. Makes Gitmo look like Hershey park. All psychological though

    • Becky says:

      Anonymous – try breaking your comment (book) into shorter comments. Sorry if you are getting kicked off. It may be because of the length.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous2 says:

    I have a pet theory. I think the Steinman kids want their inheritance money, not a newspaper. So the daughter and her husband jockey for control, and they bring in a closer. Kirkpatrick has a proven track record of destroying the Harrisburg paper. Bring him in, shut down LNP, and walk away with Mommy Dearest’s money. I have no proof. Other than what we see happening before our eyes.

  9. Palmer says:


    I do not work for LNP.


  10. huh? says:

    Please note: in the milkshake eating contest, they are only testing VANILLA shakes. “Chocolate” is specifically banned from their newsroom.

    I’d love it if someone asked him tomorrow if he or any of his cronies own an interest in the Mechanicsburg printing facility.

  11. Who Nu says:

    One good thing about this LNP move is that not one person of a minority lost their job.

  12. Rednek says:

    As Gomer Pyle would say….”Surprise, surprise, surprise”….LNP tests VANILLA shakes with their staffers…..definitely can’t have chocolate!!!

  13. Rednek says:

    If this ‘video-cast’ is anything like most of them….no one will call in; and the Editorial Board talking heads will be talking to themselves. Maybe Ton Nap will provide insightful reporting on this for a waiting public…….then again……maybe not.

    The Steinman founders must be rolling in their graves. They would never have allowed this kind of mismanagement.

    Peggy should keep her head under the hair-dryer, she evidently has no business sense at all, and is allowing nepotism to destroy the family legacy.

  14. my goodness says:

    Live at noon on Friday, the LNP idiot taking questions.

  15. my goodness says:

    Of boy, the NRA suing Lancaster. Any civilized person reports their guns stolen if for no other reason a police report for insurance purposes. mayor dick not scared of lawsuits. How much of our tax dollars and other resources will be going towards this? His law was stupid to begin with and now he won’t get rid of it just to be stubborn. This lawsuit could easily been avoided with repeal of his stupid ordinance. A big empty building in downtown Lancaster corner S Queen and Vine(LNP press). mayor dick can appropriate it and turn it into some type of youth facility to get the thugs off the streets.

  16. Rednek says:

    Sorry….must have missed that little tidbit of information….Thanks, Becky

  17. Rednek says:

    Well, it’s now 3:30 and nothing on LOL about the Editorial Board hosting a dialogue on city safety at the Convention
    Center…I guess no one showed up!!!!

  18. huh? says:

    If you look at the Steinmans, while they were running the LNP and WGAL and the WGAL radio station, they were also running coal mines in the south and lots of horsey farms as well. But no one in Lancaster ever really knew of their out of town adventures.

  19. huh? says:

    The LNP hired a guy who ran the Harrisburg paper into the ground. About the only thing stellar about that paper lately was its Pulitzer prize winning coverage on the Sandusky case. Other than that, it went from being printed every day to now being printed three days a week.

    The LNP has never been a bastion of truth or investigative reporting or any other such admirable thing. So it stands to reason that they would hire this guy.

    If I were an investigative reporter type, I’d check in to see if he or his wife own any part of that Mechanicsburg printing plant.

  20. Jim says:

    Things at LNP hit a fast, slippery slope when they hired this Kirkpatrick fool. All of a sudden LNP starting printing pieces from the Patriot and York Dispatch (both of who Kirkpatrick has ties to, business or romantic-wise).

    Then the stupid re-branding and layout. Now this.

    That guy should be chased out of town with torches…

  21. Rednek says:

    I wonder what the breakdown of diversity will be for those losing their livelihood?

  22. my goodness says:

    LNP eliminating 75 jobs. Should have seen this coming when they got rid of their parking garage.

    • Becky says:

      That’s right! They turned over control of it or something…

      This comment just in via email with a link to the “letter:”

      Guess it’s not “always Lancaster”