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     Torres [Rosa Torres-Sadler, ex-wife of Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler, talking about him] never travels alone, fearful that her activism might incite her ex-husband and his supporters.
     “It’s horrible because you don’t know who to trust, you don’t know who’s watching you,” Torres said. “He still has power here in Philadelphia.”
     She added: “There is a unique injustice that takes place when the abuser is a police officer, because the people who should help you would rather protect him because of the title he holds.”
Page 3 of today’s Philadelphia Daily News shown below.

Domestic Violence1



     Rosaura Torres suffered in silence for years.
     The Northeast Philadelphia woman, 54, was married to a Philadelphia police officer who eventually ascended into the top ranks of the department. He beat, kicked and choked her for 16 years until one especially brutal beating left her with a detached retina that left her partially blind.
     Throughout, she begged him to stop and threatened to report him.
     “He made it very clear that no one would listen to me because of his position in the community,” Torres said. “He said: ‘No one’s going to listen to you. They’ll all say you’re crazy.’ And he was right.”
     She wrote a letter to city and police officials in 2001 to protest his promotion, citing his history of domestic abuse. He was promoted anyway.
     The couple divorced in 2004.
     The Daily News is not naming her ex-husband, who has since retired in Philadelphia and now works outside the city, because he was never criminally charged.
From today’s Philly.com with the above photo and article titled, “Domestic Terrors,” (click here).
     I’ll name her ex-husband: It is Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler. Does it get any more outrageous or disgusting than this? 
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  1. I understand Frank, I am working on the next book. His true identity will be revealed.

  2. huh? says:

    There is a website established for donating to the medical bills etc. for the stabbing victim on W. Orange St.


  3. I disagree with huh. FBI, really. When I was campaigning for Milton Milan, and they started investigating him the FBI did come to my home. They knew. The BLUE WALL IS STRONG and by my own personal experience, I did not count no matter how much I begged for help. I guess I should blame many other women who are afraid to come forward?

    Your Mayor knew of Keith’s history. And to say his record was clear? You are incorrect. When my book was published a council person shared with me why he did not become Police Commissioner here in Philadelphia, they knew of him beating on me. My question to them, if you knew and the letters I sent out begging for help why, did they not help me?

  4. Bucky says:

    Lots of grandstanding with these 2 stabbing arrests. Fact is , the evidence fell in their laps. I understand they are hard pressed to solve a real crime,

  5. huh? says:

    I believe that since he was never criminally charged, that probably accounted for a clean record for him to present to the Mayor and city council before they hired him. And if the “Blue Line” in Philly is as strong and corrupt as it’s said to be, no one on the force would have mentioned this.

    Rosa also used a pseudonym for him. Which I personally think was a bad decision on her part. She should have named names because if what she said is true, the FBI usually gets involved in things like this when it comes to the police force policing itself.

    All that said, it’s not that I don’t think this is a true story, it was an important story that got muddied by using a pseudonym for him and not having the book properly edited.

  6. Frank Lee says:

    Miss Rosaura. You do see the no win situation of he said/she said? I’m not sure why, but I do believe you. Cops will do anything to protect their own. I gotta ask. Why didn’t you name him as opposed to a bogus name?

  7. Thank you Becky!!!! You are the shining light for so many.

  8. Frank Lee says:

    Mayor Dick was looking to hire a “Negro” to insure a unique place for himself in Lancaster’s history. In keeping with his ego he made sure the media knew that he was the very first ever to appoint a Black Police Chief.

  9. my goodness says:

    Do you suppose that Mayor Gray was aware of this prior to hiring him? I don’t see how he could not have been. Can’t fire him yet, needs 10 years to collect the cushy pension from the city.

    • Becky says:

      My goodness, I honestly don’t know. I know Rosa told me the city never contacted her before he was hired! An ex-wife of over twenty years and no one in the city ever contacted her!

  10. Becky says:

    It’s like this code of silence in Lancaster. I first discovered this by accident over two years ago on July 29, 2012. And not a single one of the local media has mentioned a word about this in two years! And it starts at the top with the Lancaster Newspapers who knew about this before I did and yet decided to cover it up rather than write one word about it.

    Lancaster is going to become the sad, laughing stock of Pennsylvania.


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