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    Posted on August 28th, 2014 Becky 1 comment

    – OR ONLY TWO?

    joe eisenhour1      Berkihiser1     wiczkowski

    Left to right, Joseph Eisenhour, Jarrad Berkihiser and Brian Wiczkowski.
         Of all the irony, this email came in several days ago with the subject “West Lampeter”:
    I live there. 
    Should I be concerned?
    Can I assume that the W. Lampeter Supervisors are ignorant to the conditions in Lancaster City?
         And the emailer then linked to the LNP article, “Lancaster City cop to become West Lampeter Township Police Department chief,” (click here).
         I meant to get back to him and tell him that I don’t know the first thing about Brian Wiczkowski (but as you note he is coming from the horrendous Lancaster Police force), but the man taking his position in the City Police is nothing but bad news – Jarrad Berkihiser.   He made my top ten worst list for 2012, he is one of the band of 20 years-plus, white, suburban detectives who can’t solve any murders or crimes and he “investigated” and wrote the report that cleared officer Jose De La Torre in the shooting death of homeless Gregory Bayne. 
         And if you can read the dreadful police press release about these two (click here for “Passing the Torch of Patrol – Retirement, Promotion”), you will see that all they have done is shuffle Berkihiser from one position to another constantly over the years.
         But now you do have immediate cause for concern!   As noted here this morning, West Lampeter Police Officer Joseph Eisenhour was arrested on August 22 for a major DUI and accident!  LNP picked up on the story this morning – click here for “West Lampeter cop charged with DUI after crash, found staggering next to his vehicle, police say.”
         This site is now going on vacation until Tuesday, September 2nd when daily publishing will resume.  Have a wonderful Labor Day!
    [Editor’s note:  I need a vacation after having to spell these three men’s names!  Have mercy!  It’s also comforting to note that the police press release states that Berkihiser is “happily married” – it’s so much better than being unhappily married, don’t you think?]    

    One response to “YOU SHOULD BE VERY CONCERNED!”

    1. Reminds me of how they shuffled the pedophile priests from parish to parish.