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    Posted on July 23rd, 2014 Becky 2 comments


          Richard Rivera, Jr., 18, who was shot by a still unnamed Lancaster Police Officer on Friday, July 11, was released from Lancaster General Hospital yesterday.  According to the Lancaster County Prison website, he is housed in the “ADSEG” block, which stands for “Administrative Segregation,” but commonly means “solitary confinement.”
         According to his docket, he was scheduled for his preliminary hearing today at 2:15 pm in front of District Judge John C. Winters.  Ms. Kim of Winters’ office, said this afternoon by phone that since he had only been released from the hospital yesterday, he has not had the opportunity to obtain legal counsel and today’s hearing was continued for that reason. 
         LIP News will stay with this story until the public gets answers!


    2 responses to “*** EXCLUSIVE *** – RIVERA JUST RELEASED FROM LGH”

    1. Must have been one those bullets that leave a big crater coming out! They don’t even keep you in hospital this long for heart or brain surgery. Wonder why he’s in the hole in lieu of medical.

    2. The police department of lancaster is definitely trying to cover something up. I remember “Lancaster Online” reporting his injury to be non life threatening why was he in the hospital from July 11th-23rd? Seems to me his injury was VERY serious. Has anyone heard what the equipment violation was? Update us please.