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    Posted on July 31st, 2014 Becky 6 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    BAIL IS $150,000 CASH!


           Marie Guepsie Lavaud is now in Lancaster County Prison on $150,000 cash bail.  This is unbelievable!  She is charged with one first degree misdemeanor (concealing the death of a child) and one second degree misdemeanor (abuse of a corpse).
         Click here for LNP’s story, “UPDATE: Mother of deceased baby found in trash bag is jailed,” and see yesterday’s story two posts down on this site.  This bail amount is inexplicable and unacceptable!

    6 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** MARIE LAVAUD IS JAILED”

    1. This former LGH doctor was out on $5,000 unsecured bail!

      Former LGH doctor who moved dead body will serve 15 days in prison

    2. The differences in punishment for essentially the same crimes in this county are just ridiculous! $150,000 is a far cry from $1,000,000. And the doctor (stress doctor) was just unbelievable. Who and what you are appear to be more influential than the crime you commit. How can this keep happening??

    3. The $150,000 cash bail is very different from $1,000,000 cash bail, however, unless someone in her family is very wealthy, the $150,000 cash bail is almost as impossible to post as the $1,000,000. This is disgusting!

      With the DOCTOR, there were drugs and sex and multiple questions about the man’s death, and then the DOCTOR put his dead body in his car and drove him to York and left him in his car in a lot where his body was not found for two days! OMG!

    4. I know. This is just so disgusting I don’t have the words. And it goes on and on.

    5. daisy lee myers

      She is in “baby doc” jail not in Haiti, but Lancaster, pa..

      History of “baby doc.”

    6. daisy lee myers

      Since marie family is from South FLORIDA’ I have asked my friends to e mail
      National advocates for pregnant women to rally behind Marie lavaud and get her legal help STAT