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    Posted on July 18th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    * LIP News will be back tomorrow and I suggest that everyone at the Lancaster Newspapers take cover because their total lack of any reporting on the  “police involved shooting” one week ago today is one of the most shocking and despicable things this company has ever done.  And that’s saying a hell of a lot!  And every reporter and editor at that ridiculous and disgusting “news organization” has to personally own this!


    Ryan Rivera
          Remember this story and the picture of Ryan Rivera, “Police arrest teen in shooting of 16-year-old in Lancaster city,” (click here)?  All the charges in the case were dismissed at his preliminary hearing. 
         Rivera is still charged in the shooting of a 14-year-old girl on High Street on January 28th of this year (click here).
         What in the world is going on?  When the Lancaster Police do make an arrest in a shooting, they can’t make the charges stick!  Unbelievable.
    Please check back later today.


    8 responses to “* UPDATED – ALL CHARGES DISMISSED …”

    1. I just received the below email. They have gone completely over the top with this story! They ran a letter-to-the editor as one of their “top stories” saying the passengers should be charged just to get people riled up. It took them over 24 hours to then print another story that legally the passengers CAN NOT be charged. It is disgusting. I have a story on this site from their police log while all of this was going on about a man who got a fifth DUI and they haven’t said a word about that!

      Cindy Stauffer’s story about the passengers in Gallagher’s car. LNP can dig up all this info about INNOCENT people (besmirching their name) but Can NEVER come up with ANYTHING regarding our thug element. And Mom owns the car, that was easy, how about the Sonata and the pickup from the Wal-Mart/tvs on Ann St.

    2. Mr.Kirkpatrick, how can you even look at yourself on the mirror with all the trite drivel that appears daily in the paper?? Shame on you newspaper people.

    3. There hasn’t been another word about this F&M student. He could have easily killed someone and obviously alcohol/drugs were involved in this!

    4. And the F&M student has never been named by LNP!

    5. And who can forget this absurd story by Daniel Nephin that was a top story this week? Hey, Dan, LNP runs a photo from CVS of a man who did $500 damage but you can’t get a description or video of the man who shot another man at a Lancaster McDonalds? Does that strike you as odd, Dan? How much “time” will the “evil-gluer” get if he’s arrested? Two weeks or two months probation?

    6. Hey Steve, this email was just sent to all contacts at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center:

      Cheryl Markle and her husband, Steve, have been harassing and stalking people on the internet for years. Steve is a CONVICTED stalker and harasser and a racist and hater of gays. You might want to rethink keeping Cheryl in her position because after five years of being harassed daily by this sick, deeply disturbed couple, I plan to fully expose them.

      Becky Holzinger

    7. For what it’s worth – The window that was shot-out at McDonald’s over two weeks ago is still boarded up!

    8. Yes, I heard that as well today, Big Kev. Apparently it is $1,500 to replace it and they are a franchise and they are waiting for their insurance company. I’ve also been told that the police told all the McDonald’s employees there not to discuss the shooting with anyone because it might “interfere with their investigation.”