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The photos below are of 516 E. Chestnut Street and were taken yesterday, May 9th, 2014.

      In August of 2012, there was an arson fire that destroyed the property at 516 E. Chestnut Street that critically injured a man and left 27 people homeless.  The arsonist has never been arrested (click here).  There was then a second fire in February of 2013 and the cause of that fire in still unknown.  The property was sold and is now in worse condition than ever!  This is an unbelievable hazard and health danger to everyone (click here)!  How can the City of Lancaster allow this?  There will be more on this next week.

E. Chestnut3

E. Chestnut2

E. Chestnut


3 Responses to WORSE THAN EVER!

  1. concerned citizen says:

    Understood and agreed. This site never has been adequately secured, which contributed to the second fire in the rear of the structure.

    Twice in the past repairs have been made, once by removing much of the fire damaged portions of the structure (little remains of the central section where the fire started), and once a half-hearted amateur attempt at repairing the brick wall which faces west. We are hoping that the latest work either signals the beginning of serious reconstruction, or else the orderly demolition of the structure.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    I drive by there quite often. It looks like they are intentionally removing a part – if not all – of the fire damaged third floor. I understand that most of the building has brick walls that are thicker than most, with extra layers of brick.

    What is good about this is that most of the fire damage has now been removed. It would appear that they will now be able to save what is left of the building.

    • Becky says:

      If you say so, concerned. Seriously, though, neither the building nor the property in the back is secured in any way. It’s a mess and a danger with the dumpster out in the street and cones around it. Kids who might decide to play there could be badly injured. I easily pulled back the orange “fence” and could have walked right through into that dangerous mess. It needs to be secured better!