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* I wrote about David Greiner several years ago.  Click here for “DAVID GREINER, THAT’S WHO!”


Knockout3   Ryan Robinson2

david greiner    “Don’t perpetuate the ‘knock out’ hysteria, please. I know it riles up the yokels and gets more social media activity and page views, but it’s irresponsible.”

Posted on the Lancaster Online Facebook page under this morning’s LNP article by Ryan Robinson (pictured top row), “Was Lancaster Community Safety Coalition supervisor victim of violent ‘knockout game’? – (click here).

       This is beyond irresponsible – this is blatant racism and lies:
—-  Two men coming up to three men and supposedly saying they were going to “kick their asses,”  as one of the men is quoted as saying, is not the “knockout game!”
—-  Why haven’t the affidavits been filed?  This happened Sunday and today is Thursday. What’s the delay?
—-  How did Robinson find out about this?
—- When have you ever seen Robinson apparently interview all the “victims” and a police officer?  Why were these three men allowed to tell their side of the story before the affidavits were even filed and weren’t the two men charged interviewed?
—-  Why is David Griener (pictured left) quoted as saying, “he could not comment about whether the alleged assault was caught on one of the coalition cameras”?  Why not?  He should know, he’s the evidence supervisor of the coalition camera operation and it should absolutely have been “caught.” The map above shows the intersection of N. Queen and Orange Streets and there are cameras everywhere.
—-  And why can’t Griener say since he discussed everything else, including his “clotheslining” of one of the men!  Who uses that term without an explanation?  I had to look it up:
     (chiefly in football and other games) knock down (a runner) by placing one’s  
     outstretched arm in the runner’s path at neck level.
—-  If this was a serious attack, why then, according to the article are:
     The charges are being sent as summonses. 
     I’ll grant you the two men being charged are not Boy Scouts.  But why weren’t they booked and charged immediately, especially since they have prior arrestss?
—–  Then there are these sentences:

     “They thought we were wimpy runners,” Kling said. “We weren’t going to back down. They got in our face. Back at you.”
He said one of the suspects “took a beating.”
     That certainly makes it sound like they got into a verbal fight and then it got physical.  It certainly is not the “knockout game” and who took a beating and why?  It sounds like the three men involved in the fight are using their race, status and Griener’s position to cover-up a physical fight between two groups of men.
—- Why are the charges only as stated in the article:
     Police said they are charging Westry with simple assault and disorderly conduct, and Torres-Colon with false identification to law enforcement and disorderly conduct.
     Excuse me?  If this were the “knockout game,” they should be charged with a hate crime and harassment and reckless endangerment and both should be charged with simple assault at a minimum.  This is absolute nonsense. The charges indicate something very different than the story these three men are telling.
—-  And while one of the men, Richard Kling, claims he’s never had a verbal confrontation while running, Geoff Hauch certainly had one in LA Fitness that was bad enough that the police were called and he was charged less than three years ago (click here):
     MANHEIM TWP.: Geoffrey Hauck, 47, of 869 Grandview Blvd., was cited Wednesday after allegedly engaging in a loud verbal dispute with an employee at LA Fitness, 1300 Lititz Pike, and refusing to leave when asked.
     This is simply an outrageous, fear-mongering, irresponsible, racist and unconscionable story and there will be more tomorrow.

5 Responses to * NO, IT WAS NOT THE “KNOCKOUT” GAME!

  1. Carmen says:

    as I was reading the post about the supposingly KNOCK-OUT Thing some one wrote “FPRs” 🙁 Seehat you’ve started Now WGAL !!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Through in a little more Powelll steel woe and we forget how the DA is schilling for Bryan Cutler and PSP is laughing all the way to the bank inside the CRIZ.

  3. Erik says:

    Very interesting. I read the article this morning (the opening Facebook post as well). I’m wondering, though: is this knock-out game new or is it just being reported with greater frequency?

  4. my goodness says:

    Gotta divert attention from the Davis case somehow, the puppies just didn’t quite accomplish it. A tale of some innocent, caucasian, suburban guys minding their own business getting attacked downtown should fill the bill.