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    Posted on January 8th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

    * This afternoon’s update is under the comments on this post regarding the Lancaster Police’s release of pictures of two puppies and a backpack.


         I just want to put yesterday’s editorial on this site for the record.  In the online version (click here), they have added “By INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL EDITORIAL BOARD” to the top of these lies.  
         This is your newspaper “board” flat-out lying to you.  This your newspaper “board” failing to tell you vital information that you absolutely need to know.
         tt became obvious to almost everyone that District Attorney Craig Stedman was protecting someone.  He dashed to the scene on Christmas Eve and held a “press conference” at almost midnight.  He gave the press and public no information but immediately began his “tragedy” line on the shooting death of a two-month-old baby in her home.  (Stedman didn’t rush to 83-year-old Erma Kaylor’s home on W. Vine Street when her horrifically slashed body was found in her, as yet, unsolved murder).
         Stedman did not release the name of the shooter for two weeks until his big press conference yesterday morning with the shooter’s attorney allowed to address the media and repeat it was a terrible tragedy and G. Scott Davis will plead guilty as soon as possible.  Of course he will.  He’ll get a nice plea deal from the DA and the case will barely be mentioned in the press again!
         The District Attorney was plainly and clearly protectiing his political ally and friend, House of Representatives Member Bryan Cutler, because the shooter is his brother-in-law.  And for the Lancaster Newspapers not to tell you that and to purposely lie and withhold information to this degree is beyond unconscionable – it is corruption at the highest possible levels.
    Please check back later today.

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    13 responses to “* CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS”

    1. The Lancaster Newspapers said they were going to “live stream” his press conference but that didn’t happen. Then they said they would post the full video later in the day. That didn’t happen either. They have a few edited clips put together – that’s all.

      What happened, LNP?

    2. To the “BRAND NEWCROW” who posted under the editorial: I’m sure the DA appreciates having a 39-year-old, unemployed, convicted harasser and stalker stand up for him! 😛 😛

    3. The Powell Steel eviction notice/sign warrants a picture but NOT the man who recklessly killed a child with handgun on Christmas Eve. I guess Steve Powell’s brother-in-law is not a PA Representative.

    4. I just saw the front page Powell Steel eviction photo.

      Where were the Sturla front page photos?

    5. Sturla’s two cases were quietly ARD’d on 12-17-2013 without a single word about it at all – at any time – by the Lancaster Newspapers (I guess their court reporter just “missed” it). I’ve been meaning to get to that! Oh, and another favorite case of yours, the Park City Peeping Tom case was also a recently negotiated guilty plea and he is out of prison. I will try to get to them soon.

    6. There is still no mugshot of G. Scott Davis, charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of his two-month-old daughter on Christmas.

      This afternoon the Lancaster Police released photos of a backpack and the puppies that were left outside in it on their Facebook page trying to find who left them and the press is jumping all over the puppy story. The Lancaster Police have images of the robber who shot two men in the Image Clothing store in April. The police have not released them. They have images of two men who robbed the Belvedere two months ago. The police have not released the images. A man was shot at the Gas Mart less than a month ago and the police have images and they have not released them. I could go on and on – but they released the images of a backpack and puppies. This is simply unbelievable! And the Lancaster Newspapers and the “local TV stations” – WGAL, CBS21, Fox 43 and ABC27 don’t say a word!

    7. And they have Spencer Houston’s killer on video!

    8. LNP has a long article on the puppies – no pictures but I’m sure they’ll add them:–abandoned-in-Lancaster-city-on-frigid-cold-morning.html

    9. The police and politicians in Lancaster, Pa. are and have been out of control for some time now. And the news and papers print only what they are told to!

    10. Speaking of Powell Steel, is there any chance that they are being put under the microscope because somehow they are/were a threat to High Steel, the LNP darlings?

      There just seems to have been an inordinate amount of focus by the LNP on Powell Steel. So many negative articles, and the photo of the company being evicted. Grinding the guy into the ground. Could there be more behind the story than meets the eye?

    11. Don’t think Powell is any threat to anyone, especially High Steel. High is to bust trying to secure more of our money for his own pockets…rumor is that they, PSP, have just gotten the assurances they wanted under the Zmartin Plan, the taxpayer is screwed yet again. In too am curious about the attention given to Powell but I am certain it has nothing to do with High.

    12. Experiencing computer problems this morning. Post will be late. 🙁

    13. huh? and Talking: you are entirely correct! There is far too much attention being paid to this. Companies close/declare bankruptcy all the time. I don’t have a clue why though. It’s somehow in LNP’s interest or they are doing it as a favor for someone else.