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    Posted on December 1st, 2013 Becky 5 comments

     AND WHY?

          Please note the window blinds in the photo below and the close-up below it.  It certainly looks like someone was peeking through the blinds at 788 Sterling Place where Darryl Morton and Judy Cora were found dead Thanksgiving morning.  Please also note the window cracked about an inch above the garage.  The photos were taken Thursday morning and are courtesy of the “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page.
         As stated here previously, Morton did not go to work on Tuesday.  The family, worried, called the Manheim Township Police on Wednesday and the police went to the house three times and knocked but no one answered and they left.  Morton’s son, Darryl Morton, Jr., who is in his early twenties, lived with the couple and his whereabouts during those days are uncertain.  It is known that there bodies had decomposed sufficiently to produce a strong odor throughout the home.
         Morton was at the home last evening attempting to remove belongings.  There will be much more tomorrow. 
         On a much lighter note, I found a link to the video posted below the photographs on the “Only in Lancaster, PA” Facebook page this morning.  I don’t know what the contest is for or how you vote, but the video is superb and if you can figure out how to vote, let me know!  The Amish Mafia redux!

     window blinds1

    window blinds2




    5 responses to “WHO WAS PEEKING OUT THE WINDOW…”

    1. Monday – December 2 – I went to bed not feeling well last night and awoke to a full-blown, nasty cold. I just got out of bed and it’s after noon! I don’t think I’ll be able to do much today but will try for an afternooon post. Sneeze. Sneeze.

      Ooops. I corrected the date.

    2. Do not overdo. We’ll try to survive without you for a bit. It’ll be tough but we’re tough!

    3. 🙂

    4. concerned citizen

      Those window blinds look damaged, a problem I’ve had already. You can see that two of the plastic slats are rotated 90 degrees and are flat toward the camera. If someone was looking out the window, there would be one gap instead of two, and all of the slats would still be flat.

      On a side note, I notice that LCPD has posted photographs of suspects. Not a video, but it’s a start. I wonder just how bad off the LCSC really is?

    5. Yes, they posted images but once again they are not from LCSC cameras. Those are from Turkey Hill cameras!