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    Posted on November 19th, 2013 Becky 3 comments

    ** I am making phone calls this afternoon.  LIP News will be back tomorrow morning. 


    * 11-20-2013 – From today’s print edition, page B-1.



    Howard KniselyJudge Howard Knisely

         Dereck3                                 Phillip

                   Dereck Holt                                                  Phillip Whitted
         As for his behavior at prison, officials reported 12 incidents of misconduct during Holt’s nine months there.
         At the judge’s request, Holt explained each and every one of them, sometimes in gruesome detail.
         Holt said he was disciplined for cutting his arm with a staple, tattooing his own hand, throwing urine on another inmate and spreading feces on himself and his cell walls.
         “Some things you did out there are bizarre,” Madenspacher said.
         “I was just going with the flow, really,” Holt said. “I suppose I was seeking acceptance, camaraderie.”
          Do you think this was from today’s unbelievable article, “Problem prisoner gets 4 to 8 more years for spitting on guards,” (click here)?    
         No, this was from Dereck Holt’s sentencing for invading, beating, torturing and tying up three elderly women in their home and leaving them to die (click here).  Do you know what Judge Madenspacher sentenced Holt to for what District Attorney Craig Stedman said was one of the most heinous crimes in Lancaster County?  He sentenced him to a minimum of 12 years.  And Phillip Whitted just got 4-8 years for spitting on prison guards.
         Judge Howard Knisely needs to be removed from the bench now!  This is not justice!  This is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable judicial conduct.  Remove him now!

    3 responses to “** UPDATED – * UPDATED 11-20-13 – REMOVE JUDGE HOWARD KNISELY!”

    1. Phillip Whitted badly needs the ACLU. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the sentence! Did he have representation at all?

    2. I’m sorry – the link seems to work with some browsers and not others so I’m not sure if it’s current. I’m working on it.

    3. I’m trying another link but I’m concerned the site may no longer be “valid.”