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    Posted on September 21st, 2013 Becky 12 comments


    Bushmaster 1



    Joseph W. Smith     Charlie Smithgall, Republican candidate for Mayor of Lancaster, is selling military grade assault rifles from his pharmacy at 536 W. Lemon Street!  He currently has a Bushmaster AR-15 for sale.  It is the same gun Adam Lanza used to kill 20 first-graders and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.
         Yesterday, Joseph W. Smith, Jr., a delivery driver for Smithgall’s Pharmacy and the person Smithgall’s campaign website,, is registered to, posted this on his Facebook page:
         Bushmaster AR-15 for around $700.00!! A very good deal!!
         A poster asked where and Smith replied:
         Bushmaster at Smithgalls Pharmacy is around $650 + taxes I believe… Doesn’t have all the fancy rails, but a great price for a AR. BTW he is a Class III dealer.
         I previously wrote about Smith and his connection to former “watchdog” Ron Harper, Jr., his bizarre and disturbing emails to me and his connection to Charlie Smithgall under “CHARLIE, DO YOU KNOW?” (click here). 
         Years ago, I reported that Smithgall was selling guns out of the back of his pharmacy.  I did not know that he was selling military grade assault rifles!  This is unbelievable and unacceptable!
         There will be much more to follow.


    1. They don’t say anything about selling guns on their Google+ page:

      Smithgall’s Pharmacy has been serving the greater Lancaster area since opening the family operated business in 1916. Our homestyle neighborhood pharmacy is located at 536 W Lemon St. and offers convenient shopping hours. Smithgall’s carries Greeting Cards, Snacks, Candies, and is, of course, a full line prescription drug store. Delivery Service is available on request. We even offer prescription delivery in our area! Call or stop in today! We cannot wait to meet you.

    2. But one of the two reviewers has some idea:

      Smithgall’s is unique. Don’t expect CVS or Walgreen’s. Do expect to find the unusual, including Lancaster’s best mayor in modern memory, Charlie Smithgall. Want to buy a firearm online? Smithgall’s is an FFL dealer. You can have your gun shipped for pickup there for a small fee. Everyone in Lancaster knows Charlie also for his Civil War cannons that go BOOM-LIKE-YOU’ll-GO-DEAF at the 4th of July festivities in Long’s Park.

    3. It is his right and our 2nd amendment right… I’m sure when the Russians are beating down your door or you are getting robbed then you will wish someone like Smithgall was around to save your old wrinkled ass with his AR-15 😛 It’s people like you that give us law abiding citizens a bad name because of your ignorance towards weapons… I own an assault weapon and I Challenge anyone to pry it out of my fingers….and at the same time if I see my neighbor in danger I’m going to go help them

    4. Ron, is that you? It’s either you or Joe! It may be his right (for the time being!), but then he sure as hell should not be the mayor! OMG!

      And watch your language! I bet those Russians have better manners than you! 😛

    5. I never forget my AR-15 when I leave my house. When criminals see me walking around with such fire power, they leave alone. If the Russians get past the heavily guarded American Defense System which consists of the world’s largest navy, air force and second largest army that contains laser guided missiles, robotic drones, satellite defense technology along with tanks, helicopters, world’s top Special Forces and many other weapons which are second to none, I will be glad I have my AR-15 for those Russian bastards. If well trained Marines or Army Special Ops come to take my weapon from me, I too will dare them to pry my weapon from my cold dead fingers!!!!!

    6. 😛 I enjoyed that, kmb!

    7. I couldn’t help myself. I had no idea Rambo followed your site.

    8. That is exactly the type of thing Ron says day after day – but trust me – he’s no Rambo! I may have wrinkles but he has a very large belly! 😛

    9. Dear Rambo: I have no problem with Smithgall selling pharmaceuticals. I have no problem with Smithgall being a gun dealer. Where I have a problem is blending the two. The drugstore business plan doesn’t include selling guns, does it? Which is why he is selling guns out of the back of the shop. There is a sleaze factor to peddling guns in a back alley, isn’t there?

    10. Quietly selling handguns and assault weapons out of a back room in a pharmacy in the middle of a city where the number of murders has been increasing might be perfectly legal, but it is socially irresponsible.

      I wonder how many of these guns end up on the streets of Lancaster City? Why else would he be selling guns out of a downtown pharmacy instead of at his 243.5-acre farm on Harmony Ridge Drive in Drumore Township, near Holtwood in southern Lancaster County?

      I wonder if Smithgall even lives in Lancaster City, only keeping the West Lemon Street address to sell drugs and guns out of his pharmacy?

    11. Nice reply kmb

      What is the matter with some Americans that makes them scared of everything and everyone that they have to have a gun.

      Talking to Canadian over here in London about this gun mania and he said that a car driver being followed by a police car is scared he might be shot and the police driver is also scared he might be shot.

    12. I see no crime here. If Smithgall wants to sell guns. he can sell it anywhere its legally allowed. I can tell some people in this forum are against guns. Would you like to live in an America where the only people that have guns are criminals and government? Please stand up for your freedom, patriots. When you allow someone to take some of your freedom for a since of security You deserve nether security or freedom.