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    Posted on August 5th, 2013 Becky 10 comments


    Gary Kirchner

         I was so saddened to learn of the death of former coroner G. Gary Kirchner on Friday.  And it’s not from an article in the Lancaster Newspapers – it’s from his obituary (click here).
         What the Lancaster Newspapers did to this good and decent man is beyond reprehensible and disgusting.  They set out to destroy him  and it all started with their own reporters (click here):
         Corbett said that several reporters from the Intelligencer Journal newspaper were subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury about illegal intrusions into secure sections of the 9-1-1 website, including Brett Lovelace, P.J. Reilly, Paula Holzman, Carrie Caldwell Cassidy and Madelyn Pennino.  All five reporters asserted their Fifth Amendment right to refuse to provide evidence which would tend to incriminate them, but each later testified after being granted immunity from prosecution for crimes supported by evidence arising from their testimony.
         Ernie Schreiber, then editor of the now defunct New Era and currently the Executive Editor, went on a vicious attack against Kirchner about his guinea pigs.  Yes, guinea pigs he had raised for years and given away for free to school children and many, many others (click here for “Vets: Guinea pigs too crowded”).  Kirchner alleged the whole thing was politically motivated and I don’t think there’s a doubt that it was and that the Lancaster Newspapers were behind the entire thing.
         And they lied about their reporters, who for political reasons and the power of the Lancaster Newspapers, were all given immunity from prosecution.  In fact, they were and are so concerned about their “reputation” and covering up what really happened, that they still have this in their “Terms of Service” they link to under the comments below each article (click here):
         A local website recently posted an article regarding the Statewide Grand Jury’s investigation into allegations of unlawful computer use.  The article contains gross inadequacies and blatant untruths.  Accordingly, we will not be publishing any links to this article in our TalkBack forum.
         They are referring to Ron Harper, Jr. and an article he wrote about Kirchner and the five reporters he named the “Intell Five” on his now defunct website.
        Kirchner was a good and decent public servant who believed his  position should be more open to the public.  I remember the email “blogs” he would send out to hundreds in all capital letters that were full of information, humor and kindness.  What the Lancaster Newspapers did to this man is beyond shameful.
         Rest in peace, G. Gary Kirchner.


    1. In fact, the Lancaster Newspapers had their attorney send Ron a threatening letter. From an article on an archive on this site:

      ~ Get A New Client, George! ~
      …You then accept and print as “fact” an undocumented, unsubstantiated story from a bitter, disgruntled ex-employee. Your reporting, if that is what it can be called, demonstrates a flagrant disregard for even the most basic journalistic standards and violates every norm of journalism ethics.

      Attorney George C. Werner of Barley Snyder LLC, in a February 9, 2007 letter to Ron Harper, Jr. regarding the story on titled, “Inside Lancaster Newspaper.”
      Werner is not a smart man. He has the audacity to talk about “the most basic journalistic standards.” The Lancaster Newspapers, as has been pointed out repeatedly by this site and many sites, break the most basic journalistic standards every day with their 44% interest in the convention center and their reporting of it.
      I questioned Harper’s story on this site. I said he didn’t attribute any of his “information” to anyone and some of what he wrote had to be supposition on his part. Does that mean he can be sued? No.
      Werner says this in his letter:
      To ensure that you are quickly on notice to cease and desist, I will not be cataloging a list of everything that is wrong with the article. In general, the article:
      ~ Inaccurately accuses a reporter of criminal conduct.

      Excuse me? The State Attorney General’s Grand Jury accused the reporter, Brett Lovelace, and four other Intell reporters, of criminal conduct. Sue Attorney General Tom Corbett.
      This is just absurd. Or why doesn’t Werner sue his client, Intell editor Ray Shaw, over his front page editorial regarding the Grand Jury Report? Remember, Shaw wrote this:
      But, after a probe lasting more than 18 months and consisting of repeated subpoenas for computer hardware and software used by Intell staff members and repeated subpoenas to compel testimony by staff members of the Intell, no criminal charges were lodged against the newspaper or any of its staff.
      This can only be taken as a clear indication that no criminal activity was engaged in by the staff members. That’s an important fact to keep in mind.
      This is a flat-out lie. The reporters were given immunity. Remember, the last sentence of the Grand Jury report says:
      Kirchner and the reporters, working in concert, bypassed LCWC’s 9-1-1 website security and committed the offenses of Criminal Conspiracy to commit Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 Pa. C.S. & 903 and Unlawful Use of Computers, 18 PA. C.S. & 7811 (a)(1)(2).
      Werner ends his letter with this sentence:
      Any legitimate, any semi-legitimate, news reporting organization would immediately retract this article.
      Ray Shaw, I demand that you retract your front page editorial now and apologize to the public.

    2. Dr. Kirchner was a GREAT surgeon and coroner. And,yes,the powers of Lancaster did their best to destroy him because he wouldn’t play the game their way. He had morals and integrity and they couldn’t make him compromise either of these attributes. Dr. Kirchner will be sadly missed and never forgotten by many Lancastrians. May he rest in peace.

    3. I would go as far as to say that they did destroy Gary Kirchner. It was a horrible situation that went from the Intel 5 committing felonies, to WWII headlines about Dr. Kirchner and guinea pigs. People in Lancaster really didn’t understand the weight of the felonies but they sure were ‘informed’ about Dr. Kirchner in the newspaper’s bait and switch operation to bury the real lead.

      And how many articles have they published on voter IDs and all the while they know that one of their reporters used a business address in Pa. for voter registration and had an active voter’s registration in another state.

      Brett Lovelace, one of the Intel 5, no longer works at the LNP. I think one might be surprised at where he ended up.

    4. As I remember, Dr. Kirchner destroyed himself, giving access and passwords to reporters that let them get computer information from police and DA files, wasn’t it? Wasn’t there a Grand Jury regarding that?

    5. If you follow my link to then State Attorney General’s Tom Corbett’s press release in the article, there is a link in it to the full grand jury report. If I recall correctly, he says he gave one reporter access – or they copied his password. Can’t remember all the details but Will double check tomorrow. You’ll also see how often these reporters gained illegal access to that website!

    6. huh? you have my curiosity at an all time high! I’ll try to find out where Brett Lovelace is today and report back! Remember the video Harper had of his confrontation with Lovelace? What a hoot! I wonder if that’s still on the net…

    7. OMG!

    8. Another Snowden? How in the world could he get that job? OMG!

    9. Later that day, Lovelace answered Kirchner: “You are my web page but you often travel or could be restricted from revealing an investigation, so it’s best to have independent source, i.e. the website. It should be available to the press anyway. After all, it’s public dollars that built it and maintain it.”–between-coroner–reporters.html


      Unfortunately the link no longer works. Can anyone check with Ron to see if the stories and videos are still available? now takes you directly to daddyjustice (yuck!) but I don’t see any of the actual 5thestate material there.