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     I’ve run out of time again! I spent far too long fighting a word processing glitch to add the two new unsolved murders under the tab at the top of this site. There are now eleven unsolved murders in the City of Lancaster in the less than five years since Police Chief Keith Sadler was sworn into office. This is simply horrific!
     Really good comments have been coming in. This one under the story about Peter Sturla, the 18-year-old son of Representative Mike Sturla, being arrested in a story below on this site:
     Who steals a doorknob?
     That’s what LNP printed in their police log and that’s all I know. Some of his friends came on here with interesting comments and perhaps they could fill us in?
     Apparently neither of his parents have put up his small bail amount because as of 2:30 pm today, he is still showing up as an inmate in the Lancaster County Prison in the Mental Heath Unit. And since Mike Sturla was and is a huge backer of the convention center/hotel, it looks as if the Lancaster Newspapers will not report on this legitimate story.
     This in from barryinwinnipeg:
     There’s a big difference between horse sense and horse sh*t, but it seems that the latter describes Lancaster City’s crime fighting stats. I live in a city of half-a-million people with some pretty violent gangs, but the bad guys usually do get put away, so spare us the poems and bust the perps!
     Well said, Barry!
     And this in, also about the poem:

     Jesus H. Christ. How the hell much are they paying for this????
     Couldn’t they afford to at least get a goddamn proof reader???
     UNKOWN ????
     WTF word is that?????
     That is a hoot and a half! Add to that this morning’s New Era editorial praising the poem and idea (see my comment from this morning and they must be embarrassed because I still can’t find it online). But they do handily provide an email address to contact the Musser Park Civic Association with suggestions, so perhaps we should all email them about “UNKOWN“ –
     Finally, I asked “kmb” about the five unsolved murders under Mayor Gray, who was sworn into office on January 3, 2006, but before Keith Sadler became the Police Chief on April 23, 2008. He sent in this comment and I double checked him today and he nails it:
     Well there are the nine you have listed above with the addition of Allan Wayne Hess and Danny Montes takes us up to 11. From Gray’s inauguration to Sadler’s hiring you have Keenan W Dudley gunned down March 10 2006 in an alley off West Orange Street. Second, Daniel Hollman was gunned down in his home on the 100 block of Howard Avenue on October 17, 2006. Third was Baby Anne’s body which was discovered in a dumpster in back of the YMCA on September 24, 2007. This baby was a new born and smothered and tossed in a dumpster and likely not born in a hospital. Fourth was the murder of Juan Lopez in his downtown business on December 5, 2007. This was a broad daylight robbery gone wrong. He was shot to death in his business which is J&R Check Cashing on East King Street. Fifth was Juan Marquez who was gunned down on the 200 block of West King Street on March 16, 2008. So the nine you have at the top of your site plus the two this year and the five I mentioned takes us to sixteen unsolved homicides since we were blessed with Gray’s uncanny mayoral abilities. I will say there should be 18 with the Lydia Colon-Torres and Sanaya Colon murders which for election favors were never named as homicides officially but come on. So I say there is 18 with a couple other “suspicious deaths” the last few years which need another look.
     There will be more tomorrow.

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  1. huh? says:

    Honest to God, that error is just so bush league. And so is the idea of slapping a spoiler on the back of a Ford Escort. It’s still a Ford Escort. And Lancaster is still a city that by not acknowledging its core population will stay mired in magical thinking and delusions of grandeur.