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     These excellent comments in under “EIGHT MONTHS” below: 

—-  This unsolved murder has taken way too long to solve. If Chief Sadler can’t solve any murders while he’s in office then he needs to turn in his badge. Doesn’t he realize that the victim’s families need and want justice and closure. I bet if that was one of his family members he would do whatever it takes to make an arrest in their murder. So why doesn’t he care about someone else’s family member? I’m not just talking about this particular case. I’m talking about all the unsolved murders.

 —-  I am concerned with justice for the victims. But is anyone addressing the cold-blooded killers out there still walking the streets? Where is the concern for public safety? Who will be next?

 —-  I agree that this needs to be addressed. People should be able to feel safe in their own communities without fearing that their lives or their families are in danger. They need to get these cold-blooded killers off the streets and locked up where they belong so that everyone can feel safer. The longer they are walking the streets no one is safe.

      And where are the Lancaster Newspapers?  Where are they?  And where the hell is Mayor Gray?
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2 Responses to TURN IN YOUR BADGE!

  1. Talking says:

    I felt that the best thing that Romney could have done to beat Obama was to erect a sign in front of every podium that he spoke at which detailed the price of a gallon of gas the day Obama was elected and the current price. I would suggest that someone running against Tricky Dicky do essentially the same but with a tally of current unsolved murders.

  2. kmb says:

    I’ll tell you where Mayor Gray is. He’s out campaigning and telling our improved quality of life since he became mayor.