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    Posted on January 2nd, 2013 Becky 9 comments


         This is taking longer than expected!  Today, the names of the top ten worst in Lancaster in 2012, with the full details and pictures coming tomorrow along with the two honorary mentions in this worst of the worst list! 
         On Friday – the good news – the best in Lancaster in 2012 (with some surprises)! 


    1.  Police Chief Keith Sadler

    2.  Mayor J. Richard Gray

    3.  Lancaster Newspapers owner Peggy Steinman

    4.  Lancaster Police Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer

    5.  Lancaster Detective and Police Spokesperson Todd Umstead

    6.  Lancaster Police Detective Chris DePatto

    7.  Lancaster Newspapers Executive Editor Ernie Schreiber

    8.  Lancaster Newspapers Print Editor Marvin Adams

    9.  Lancaster Police Detective Jarred Berkihiser

    10.  First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen 

    Honorary Mentions

    —-  Lancaster Newspapers Investigative Reporter Gil Smart

    —-  Washed-up Lancaster Watchdog Ron Harper, Jr.


    9 responses to “THE TOP TEN!”

    1. Let me mention a few: mayor dick’s secretary and the killer of emma kaylor.

    2. You, or anyone else, is free to make their own list and submit it. “Detective” Chris DePatto is on my list for a reason and Pat Brogan is not Mayor Dick’s “secretary,” (she’ll probably have a heart attack if she reads that and she probably will read it…) she is his “Chief of Staff” and I am told in “inside circles” she is known as “the hammer” or his “enforcer!” 😉 😛

    3. Mr. Brogan certainly doesn’t want to be referred to as a “secretary.” Calling him the Chief of Staff to the Dick is better.

    4. Lmao at chief of staff.oh ok hammer…..can’t touch this..dick

    5. Now I’m depressed. Could we please have the Best list? Fast!

    6. Uh, oh! The reasons behind the worst list is coming later today…the best list isn’t until tomorrow! Sorry!

    7. I see Ron Harper made your list…what ever happened to him anyways??? Is he still around and what’s he been up to???

    8. Oh, you wouldn’t believe it and it’s not good! He has PTSD! 😛 😛

    9. HUH??????? From WHAT????? I worked with him for years (when he still “worked” for a living) and found him to be a loud, arrogant jerk who downgraded women with his male chauvenist (sp?) attitude. Then he had his website for exposing the “truth” about all the wrongs in this world, so I’m curious HOW he now has PTSD?!?!?! Another one of his schemes to get money for doing nothing????? UGH….