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     On July 27th, 2012, the police and the district attorney’s office held a press conference to announce they had arrested Damien Rayon Barnhill, the alleged killer of his roommate three days before, Rouit Bahadur.

    A 15 minute and nine second video accompanies the LNP article, “Police charge roommate in Lancaster city killing,” (click here).  District Attorney Craig Stedman and Police Chief Keith Sadler make some amazing statements in the press conference that eerily reflect back two months prior to the May 16th unsolved murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her West Vine Street home. 
     Three of those statements are transcribed below.  I’ll come back to these tomorrow.
     At 6:56 into the video, District Attorney Craig Stedman states:
     Obviously there has to be a pretty substantial reason for somebody to take a meat cleaver to somebody’s head and face repeatedly. I mean it’s absolutely a brutal crime.  The pictures are difficult to look at – and you know, we’re sitting here doing a press conference about something – what we forget is somebody lost their life. It was taken from him unrighteously, criminally and we’ve got to make sure that we follow through and he can’t ever do this to anybody else again and he suffers the consequences for his decisions.
      At 9:28 into the video, DA Stedman says:
     We had substantial evidence independent of his confession that he was responsible for this. I mentioned the shoes. I mentioned the clean-up. This wasn’t a break-in, there was no forced entry, there was nothing… his wallet was there – the money wasn’t taken so you didn’t have a robbery.  You know there were a small number of suspects here so he was obviously one of them.
      At 10:10 into the video Police Chief Keith Sadler says: 

      He was 59 years old.  He was going to turn 60 I believe this weekend and it’s a small consolation to the victim’s family but at least we can do this much and apprehend somebody. Apparently they were planning a celebration for his birthday, so If you think of how horrible that is… the fact that the man was an average citizen, working, making a living like everybody else and had his like taken away from him.  So it’s a small consolation to the family but at least they know that his killer is not out there walking around.

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