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The Lancaster City Bureau of Police Honor Guard (from the Police Website – click here).

     “Philadelphia is a very diverse community, and that was part of the attraction to Lancaster,” said Sadler, whose wife is Puerto Rican. He said he was impressed with the diversity of Lancaster during the five visits he has made to the city in recent months.
Police Chief Keith Sadler quoted in a Lancaster Newspaper article from April 2, 2008, “New city chief was easy pick,” (click here).

     This could only happen because of the Lancaster Newspapers and their racist owners, the Steinman family.  Yes, when you walk the streets of Lancaster there is tremendous diversity.  In fact, according to the last census, “minorities” are the majority of Lancaster City residents.
     Can you imagine what a child thinks when he sees this picture of the Lancaster Police “Honor Guard?”  This is America in 2012!
     There will be much more in the weeks to come on the Steinman family and the Lancaster Newspapers.  The public assumes that the news media is inherently good, decent and fair and strives to improve the lives of all of its readers.  That is not the case in Lancaster. 
     Click here for the initial “REFLECTING THE COMMUNITY?”
[Editor’s note:  I said Lancaster’s top ten best and worst list of 2012 would come today.  I am still working on it and hopefully will post it tomorrow.]

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  1. Lancaster City resident says:

    TO Lost in space: at least it isn’t nearly as bad for residents as when Cannonball Charlie was mayor. People no longer get harassed because of their politics, and the Yellow Shirt goon squad is nowhere to be seen.

    There is a big question as to whether drastically cutting police and fire staffing is preferable to raising taxes. I guess we’ll find out when the number of unsolved crimes increases, and the amount of property damage and loss of life from fires goes up.

  2. Lost in space says:

    Yes, this looks like a contingent of Gestapo thugs. Civil right’s and personal liberty, watch out.

  3. huh? says:

    I can only say it one way. With profanity: That ‘honor guard’ looks like a fucking aryan storm trooper brigade.