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              Ernie Schreiber                            Mayor Gray                               Marv Adams

      Over the past four years, we’ve experienced significant success in revitalizing our downtown and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods.
Mayor Gray in his “Mayor’s Message” on the city website (click here).
     The Lancaster Newspapers and Mayor Gray forced the convention center/hotel project on the people of Lancaster City and County.
     Now Executive LNP editor, Ernie Schreiber, called then Commissioner Dick Shellenberger the “Angel of Death” because he questioned the financing and impact on the citizens of the county.
     Now Print Editor, Marv Adams, told us it could not fail – in fact – he compared the likelihood of its failure to a huge volcano erupting in Pequea.
     Mayor Gray lied about it to be elected. He told everyone he would establish a committee to study the feasibility of the “project” if elected – and the day after he was elected he went back on his word.
     They called anyone against the project “naysayers.” LNP and Mayor Gray made repeated professional and personal attacks against then Commissioner Molly Henderson because she questioned the financing and long-term impact of the “project” on the citizens.
     Now, several years later, it has come full circle and become a true financial disaster. When that happened, Marv Adams ran front-page stories and editorials in the Sunday News for months questioning whether the county hotel and motel owners were paying their taxes. The Sunday News filed a Right-To-Know request in a direct conflict of interest because their employer owns 50 percent of the competing Marriott Hotel.
     The Lancaster Newspapers have repeatedly and blatantly violated every journalism code of ethics in this country for years.
     And now comes the ultimate betrayal: they do not want to pay the taxes assessed on their ten downtown properties in the heart of Lancaster. They told us for years the convention center would increase property values and they are secretly saying that’s not true.
     They want their current assessments reduced by 20 percent, meaning the School District of Lancaster will lose over $50,000 in income annually.
     Their request has apparently been negotiated and brokered in backroom deals away from the public eye (LNP certainly has not reported on it) and the 20 percent figure has been approved by high-ranking city and county officials in secret.
     It is expected the School Board will officially accept the reduction tonight because they have been told it will cost the Board more than the $50,000 they will lose to fight the Lancaster Newspapers in court.
     This is the ultimate betrayal – to date – by the Lancaster Newspapers and Mayor Gray of the citizens of the city and county they are supposed to “serve.”

Click here for “SDOL COULD LOSE OVER $50,000 A YEAR!” and there will be much more tomorrow.

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2 Responses to BY LNP AND MAYOR GRAY!

  1. Talking says:

    Also note and contrast the articles about property tax appeals and their tone that appeared earlier this summer versus the article today about LNP’s own personal appeal. Thy are not villains but rather in their “deal” continue to pay too much while stealing $57K from SDOL. Kudos to the 2 directors who tried to stand up.

  2. Talking says:

    Done deal. The martinis will be flowing during lunch at the Hamilton Club today. MERRY XMAS CITY RESIDENTS.