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     Over the past five years, there have been 30 homicides in the city; 22 have been solved, Switzer said.
Lancaster Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer quoted in today’s front page article, “25 years after Carrie Marshall’s murder, a family lives with pain, seeks answer,” (click here).
     Captain Switzer can’t count and he can’t solve murders.  There are nine listed under the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above on this site.  That list is from the day Keith Sadler was sworn in as the Chief of Police on April 23, 2008. 
   If you go back five years, you can add Juan Marquez to the list.  He was shot and killed less than a month before Sadler became the Chief on March 16, 2008.  His murder has never been solved.  And if you add three days from today’s date to the five years, you can add Juan Lopez to the list of unsolved murders.  He was shot and killed in his business on December 5, 2007.
     I don’t know about Switzer’s figure of 30 total murders but I will check on it as LNP reporter Dan Nephin should have done with the unsolved murders.  He could check his own newspaper – click here for a “slideshow” of unsolved county murders since 1992 published on April 3, 2011. 
     Please note that of the vast majority that occurred in the city, the caption directs anyone with information to call Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer!  And it was six months ago when I was on the phone with Chief Sadler about the unsolved murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor that he told me the detectives work on the unsolved murders every single day.  But there has not been a single arrest in any one of these cases since that phone call.  And Erma Kaylor’s brutal, horrific murder remains unsolved as well.

       This is outrageous and unacceptable! 
     Tomorrow, what Mayor Richard Gray said – or actually didn’t say – about accepting the District Attorney’s offer of help from his detectives to bring a fresh set of eyes to the case and assist in getting Erma Kaylor’s killer off the streets of Lancaster.
     Today’s article does do an excellent job of relaying the incredible suffering, pain and long term affects such a murder has on a  family.  It is heart breaking.  Solve this murder and give this family some peace!
     The Police Chief and the Lancaster Detectives need to be held accountable for their absolutely dismal record of solvinig murders and crimes.  This must stop!  Each detective’s record must be reviewed and if it shows they are not performing on an acceptable level, they need to be let go and replaced with a trained professional who can do the job.
   Let’s start with Police Chief Keith Sadler and Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer.

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  1. huh? says:

    Every time I see this photo all I can think of is Sergeant Schultz in Hogan’s Heroes. The “tilt” of his hat screams Nazi. But that’s my own opinion of course.

  2. kmb says:

    I don’t know where ww7 lives but when talking to people in general, I find that people living in the nicest neighborhoods always have this rosy picture of Lancaster. I work with a woman who lives on N. Presidents Ave. She stated,” I don’t know what the problem is, lancaster has no crime issues at all.” I had two people shot around the corner from me a couple weeks ago and that was not the the first incident. Many robberies around me. Three of my neighbors houses were burglarized recently. I can’t even own a car stereo because it just keeps getting stolen. I get offered drugs when just walking to the corner store. I hear gun shots. I just wish some people would get a realistic look at Lancaster or move out. Basically what I’m am saying is if you put lipstick on a pig it’s still a smelly dirty pig!!!!!!!!

  3. kmb says:

    Allentown hasn’t had a higher violent crime rate than Lancaster since the 90’s. According to the Pennsylvania State Police Uniformed Crime Reporting System Philly hasn’t had a higher crime rate than Lancaster in ten years. Philadelphia has plenty of bad neighborhoods but many good ones as well. Comparing cities with millions of residents to a city of tens of thousands is ridiculous anyway. Lancaster has had a higher rate of violent crimes than Reading 5 mout of the last 7 years!!! York is a little worse but has a MUCH better rate of solving homicides since they have had 1 unsolved homicide in the last three years. I would know I have family living there. Harrisburg has NOT had a single shooting in two months. You sound like a Rick Gray supporter! What about the 11 year old girl on South Prince Street who was held hostage and repeatedly raped for 24 hours? What about the blatant daylight attempted kidnapping of three young girls this year? What about the the three young children caught in crossfires over the last couple years? The whole point of the article is that Switzer lied about the numbers. The point Becky was making was there has been 11 unsolved murders NOT 8!!!! If you count the obvious but not official homicides of Lydia Colon-Torres and Sanaya Colon back in 2009, the number jumps up to 13 in five years. Please keep your opinion in the historic district.

  4. anonymous2 says:

    It isn’t valid to compare clearance rates with big cities like the ones WW7 mentioned.

    We are a very small city. The police aren’t busy with rampant crime the way Camden, Baltimore, Phila., NYC are. Murders stand out in a place this small, and shouldn’t they be priority here? I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the longer the time that passes the less likely a murder is to be solved, so shouldn’t more resources be dedicated to catching killers?

  5. WW7 says:

    Sorry for typos as I had to comment via mobile.

  6. WW7 says:

    You do realize the % of homicides solved in the country as a whole is 65%. 22 out of 30 is 74% so they are actually above the national average. Chicago and New Orleans alone are undet 30%. I live in tge city and I always feel completely safe. I believe the police do a great job. I drive truck for a living and I get to see a lot of different cities in the mid-atlantic. If you think Lancaster is so bad take a trip up 283the to Harrisburg or right down 30to in York. Check out places like Reading, Allentown, Philly, Camden and Newark NJ, Baltimore, D.C, Wilmington DE then report back on here and tell me again how bad our wonderful, beautiful city is. I like most people would love to see every murder and crime solved but no city in this world is perfect. There will always be people who get away with it. Get over yourself already. Get angry about all the severe suburban crimes like child sexual and physical abuse that run rampant in certain lancaster county communities. You wanna talk about a major problem, do a story on that.

  7. kmb says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing about the numbers Switzer put forward in that article!! No wonder so many homicides are going unsolved! The cops don’t even know how many there are.

  8. Sir Galton says:

    I agree with many of your criticisms, but you must realize that if people are not willing to talk or help with investigations; no amount of dedication will help solve the crime.