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    Posted on November 5th, 2012 Becky 3 comments


         Well, Marvelous Marv (the editor of all LNP print editions) and Tom Murse (the new digital/online editor) are not doing well this morning.  Today’s eEdition is not up.  They have apparently gone back to “text enhancer” ads – words underlined in a story that contain a link to an ad – which is incredibly stupid and “old school” – it’s been tried before and it doesn’t work – and under the huge story of the day – the Arby’s in Park City being robbed last evening by a gunman who got away – this is what every comment under the story looks like:
         Wow!  This is awful! 
         Click here for the above mentioned story and please check back later today.


    3 responses to “THE POLICE & LNP CHOKE!”

    1. This comment was just posted below the article:

      Lancasteronline, don’t ever describe a situation like this as “festive”.

      There are now two comments you can read. The rest are still “Gaffs!” Please also note that four – count them – four reporters worked on this story! 7:36 am.

    2. 8:36 am – still no eEdition!

    3. Lancaster Police just put it up on their website – nothing new here: