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     Several months ago, I was so impressed by a comment under a story on Lancaster Online that I saved the photograph that went with it. I spent several hours yesterday trying to find the actual story.
     The headline doesn’t begin to tell the horror.  It reads, “Man faces burglary, simple assault charges,” (click here).
     A woman, using her real name, posted a comment under the article that reads, “I’m the victim of this story,” and she posted the above picture.
     It describes, as nothing in the story possibly could, the horror, terror and brutality she suffered that night. It brought a “domestic violence” assault into the raw glare of daylight and public view. I think it took tremendous courage and bravery on her part.

     Unfortunately, it happens everyday in this country and  county and many women don’t survive the assault to post a picture.
     Which brings me to the events of this weekend and Rosa Torres-Sadler. As most readers will recall, after reading her book, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge,” I said it was a poorly written, and even more poorly edited, soap opera. I think a reviewer on Amazon also sums it up quite well. He says:
     I say buy it if you want to read trashy fiction. However domestic violence can be better studied in far more reliable works than this one.
    Yes, there is no depth to the book whatsoever. I am not going to go again into further details for the time being, let me just say that a friend of hers wrote an attack piece on me this weekend titled, “When Sisters Turn on Each Other” on an obscure and ridiculous website. Rosa proceeded to show up and “God Bless”” everyone and post comments like this over and over again:
      …Your voice, will help bring ACCOUNTABILITY for all Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence…Together we stand strong…God bless you my sister/warrior….Much respect.
     And then she posted a picture of herself with a black eye (apparently caused by the second abusive man in her book, the PA State Trooper), with a link to the story repeatedly on her three Facebook pages, her Twitter account, her Google Plus account and her website where she sells the book for $20.00
     I am obviously the demon here! I “turned” on a “sister!“ Or does this border on absurdity and a jealous and unbalanced personality?
     I’ll finish this up tomorrow, but today, I want to come back to the comment posted directly under the victim’s from the Lancaster Online story at the top of this article: It reads:
     You poor thing! I can’t imagine someone breaking in and beating me up and then chasing me down as I tried to run away! This crazy bastard needs to be locked up for the rest of his life.. Just a word of advice….move while he’s locked up, and try to move completely out of the area if you can. Second word of advice…. You’re young and I realize that, but you should think about getting a gun and a security system. If he was willing to break-in, you have to wonder what he wouldn’t do. O.k. and Third… When you do move, don’t give anyone your address!! Anyone! Talk to the police dep’t about opening a victims identity-protected post office box, anytime someone would need an address, you’d use this instead. All mail would be forwarded to this post office box and they can even bring you the mail or send it to another location when you want it. Take my advice, I too am a survivor of domestic abuse!
     Yes, ultimately, that is what some women are forced to do. Leave their homes, their families, their friends, their community and move anonymously to a new location to save their lives.
     I knew a woman in Lancaster years ago who had to do this. She moved to Oregon and still lived in fear for years.
     One quick note, according to his docket, Eric J. Dommel is still in Lancaster County Prison and has a pre-trial conference scheduled for October 15, 2012 on the multiple charges stemming from this attack. He also has a very long history of previous assault and harassment charges.
I’ll stay on top of his case and I’ll try to wrap this up tomorrow.

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One Response to WHEN “SISTERS” TURN?

  1. huh? says:

    This thread reflects what I posted on an earlier thread… the very LAST thing that this woman would want to do is toss a drink in Dommell’s face or bitch slap him. I know firsthand; I moved three thousand miles away from my abuser.

    I don’t want to turn this into “it’s all about me” because that was forty years ago. When there were no shelters from abuse and the attitude often was against women who were outspoken and had a mind of their own. These are different times.

    But unfortunately even though these are different times, these stories of abuse remain the same. And they are not limited to women; men can be victims as well. And the resources for them are few and far between. It’s an equal opportunity bad behavior.