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    Posted on September 13th, 2012 Becky 8 comments


        Police departments across the country have recognized that having a police force that reflects the makeup of the community it serves is critical. It’s sad that the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has failed to keep pace and instead uses a selection process that undermines minority applicants,” said Reggie Shuford, executive director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

    Part of the ACLU Press Release on August 22 of this year in their lawsuit against the Pittsburgh Police Department (click here).

        The three men pictured this morning and above are new Lancaster City Police Officers, that according to the Police Facebook page (click here), were sworn in on July 10th of this year. They are described as follows and are in left to right order in the photograph:

    Daniel L. Davis, 23 Years Old
    Strasburg Resident
    Graduated from Lancaster Christian School
    Prior Service in the US Army

    William W. Hamby II, 21 Years Old
    Lancaster Resident
    Graduated from Wallenpaupack Area High School
    Active member of PA Army National Guard

    Steven C. Alexander, 23 years old
    New Providence Resident
    Graduated from Lancaster Christian School
    Prior Service in the US Marine Corps

        Nothing against these three men, but seriously Lancaster Police? Strasburg and New Providence? And they both attended Lancaster County Christian School? A private, expensive, suburban and almost exclusively white high school?
        And Hamby may live in the city now but he apparently lived in the Pocono Mountains prior to moving here.
        This, quite simply, is unacceptable. Who is overseeing this hiring? Maybe the Lancaster Police Department would like to be sued by the ACLU the way the Pittsburgh Police Department is being sued.
        This department is already drastically under-represented by blacks, Hispanics and Asians, and they are hiring white men who live in Strasburg and New Providence and attended the Lancaster County Christian School?
        This is simply an outrage!

         There will be much more tomorrow including why the Lancaster Newspapers are so “fond” of African -American Police Chief Keith Sadler and refuse to detail his dreadful work history and the allegations of domestic violence brought by his ex-wife, Rosaura Torres-Sadler.


    8 responses to “REFLECTING THE COMMUNITY?”

    1. I stand up for you Becky……This is outstanding work!!!!!!!

    2. do 21 year old boy-os have the experience
      and judgment to be effective police officers ?

    3. I find it troubling that all three are members of the military. There’s a world of difference between being a “peace officer” and being in the military.

    4. I believe I saw in their hiring guidelines that they favor military experience. I will see if I can find it.

    5. Lancaster Christian School is hardly expensive. And so what? I am sure these young men lived and worked with people of all races and religions in the military. And how do you know that qualified minority applicants were turned down in favor of these three?

    6. Maybe I was wrong about the military – thought I saw it somewhere. Will check again tomorrow.

      Hereshecomes – that’s nonsense. Look it up. The current high school tuition is $7,680.00 per year. It’s your type of attitude and thinking that is getting the Pittsburgh Police Department sued!

    7. So people who attend a private school of moderate cost are, for that reason, unfit to be hired as police officers? Good to know.

      I’d like to see those EEOC forms that applicants complete stating their race. Do you really think tons of qualified minority city residents are applying to the Lancaster Police and being turned down? If so, the ACLU should get right on it. But if they aren’t applying, they can’t be hired, can they?

    8. That is not moderate cost, hereshecomes! Public schools are FREE! Got that? I will have a great deal more to say about minority applicants tomorrow. I love your “qualified” statement! LOL! What made these three so “qualified?”