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    Posted on August 5th, 2012 Becky 8 comments


    Today’s front page Sunday News headline and article by Gil Smart (click here).

        When do you have the common sense and decency to yank a prepared story like this? Two days after an arson fire destroys an apartment building leaving a man in critical condition and displacing 27 people – that‘s when you pull the story and you replace it with a story about those who have lost everything.
        Unbelievable, Sunday News. Simply unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    8 responses to “COMMON SENSE & DECENCY MISSING!”

    1. I thought the same thing when I saw this.

    2. This was posted as a comment under a story about the fire and this young man deserves praise:

      The young man that caught the baby his name is Izayah Rodriguez . And he is a senior this year at McKaskey High School.and he is a 17 years old.

    3. Good job, Izayah! We are proud of you.

    4. I haven’t seen that it said arson? Am I missing something? It said criminal act but that could be something other than arson. Like a meth lab? Aren’t we jumping to conclusions here?

    5. Ummm…the police used the word “arson.” I don’t think I’m jumping to anything:

      Trooper James DeWalt, a state police fire marshal, investigated the fire, and city police interviewed witnesses and victims.
      “Based on information gathered at the scene and through witness interviews, investigators believe the fire to be suspicious in nature,” Winters said.
      “The incident is now being investigated as a criminal act,” he said.
      The fire was listed as an arson on the police’s daily bulletin.–City-apartment-building-fire–suspicious-.html

    6. Let me elaborate further. If it were a meth lab, wouldn’t that be fairly “easy” for fire marshals to identify? Do we have any idea where/which apartment the fire started in?

    7. I am so proud of this young man! Outstanding!!

    8. One of the local news reports mentioned that the fire had started in a ground floor apartment near the middle of the very long building. It went straight up into the roof, where it spread quickly. Many different layers of roofing made it extremely difficult to get at the fire.