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*   This additional info in and I’m told Scott Martin did take the tour of the prison following the board meeting. I wonder if he melted? And yes, it is true about 150 N. Queen Street and they did send the county workers home last week.
    I was also told Mayor Gray was on PCN today wearing his stupid necktie! His discussion with LNP reporter Cindy Stauffer will come tomorrow.
    PS.. Mr. Scott Martin was sweating bullets in the air conditioned room where the board met! It was funny, I overheard some guards talking that the gov building was shut down last week because there was no air conditioning… employees were sent home with pay..well, these guards work under those conditions all the time..they also brought that up at the meeting!! There was no reply!! Just sharing!!!


    This comment in below on the prison board meeting. Thank you, susieq!
    It was actually a good prison board meeting. The prison has shipped 40 inmates to Montgomery County, and about the same amount of inmates to Berks County Prison. Two Judges, Reinaker, and Madenspacher…have released certain inmates who met their criteria. All of this is to reduce the population. They have closed the gym and the temporary housing. {It was indicated these areas are not so safe.} They have placed those guards from the gym & Temp housing area to other areas of the prison. They will be installing ceiling fans in July.
    A lot of talk regarding billing of the inmates thru intake and processing fees. A debate was had regarding how much to charge…There was also a discussion…should an inmate have to pay these fees if they are found not guilty? Inmates will be given ID’s…and each cell will be labeled with who is being held there. A garden club is teaching inmates how to garden, and the benefits of such.
    Jean Bickmire from Justice and Mercy was pushing for a new facility to be found. Overall, it was a positive dialog. The new, I think temporary, warden was present. He said guards will now have to address inmates written questions, and he wants to work on a positive attitude with staff. We shall see…there is no air conditioning for inmates…and staff. I hope this discussion continues.so inmates are treated like humans, and the taxpayers can get a break. It really can be a win, win situation.

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  1. I read that they want the judges to take the behavior of the prisoners under consideration for early release and sentencing. Oh thats a get idea now that the temperatures in there have to be at least 100 degrees. So the guards are cooking the inmates are roasting and I’m quite sure their all on their best behavior. Lancaster is a joke. Let’s wait till the temp is basically unbearable and come up with ideas to keep people in there longer.

  2. barryinwinnipeg says:

    When I worked for the County I had occasion to visit Old Stoney Lonesome as part of my Children and Youth caseworker duties. At that time the heat in the cells in summer was so high that inmates were issued wading pools! Also, when I later worked at 150 North Queen during the renovations, there was no air conditioning one summer, so a lot of us brought small fans for our cubicles. I also found a large print thermometer which I posted on the outer wall of my cubicle. It usually registered in the 80’s. Our head kahuna told my supervisor to make me take it down [so much for freedom of information]–so I just hung it on the inside wall, but I told my supervisor that when it got above 90 I was calling it a day since my cubicle was next to the copiers [which were unvented!]. Lordie, I do love retirement!

    • Becky says:

      Barry, it is hot here! Hope you are keeping cool! I can’t imagine how both the guards and the prisoners can endure this.

  3. suzieq says:

    You just love that bowtie! And I love that picture…and I am also sitting in my air conditioned home…yikes…my sympathy to those guards today!!