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    Posted on April 30th, 2012 Becky 10 comments

                  Few ‘nay’-sayers on this day

    Well, isn’t that cute! Today’s paper has a big picture of horses frolicking in a meadow and the above headline (click here).
        Whenever I hear the word, “naysayer,” I think of Sunday News editor “Marvelous” Marv Adams! And he really, really made me mad yesterday with his Right-To-Know requests regarding the disaster known as the convention center/hotel. That will be coming later today.
        And speaking of Right-To-Know requests, the Lancaster County District Attorney and the Coroner don’t seem to think the public has a right to know if an autopsy was performed following a sudden, violent and suspicious death. The last time I checked, we pay these fools to protect and serve us! There will also be more on this coming later today.
        And finally, I have more Right-To-Know requests into the county for the gender and racial breakdown of two more county departments in the Lancaster County Courthouse. Will we find the elusive black male?
        Wow! It’s going to be a busy Monday! Hey, Marv, when are you going to apologize to all those people you called “naysayers?” When, Marv? I’m waiting…

    Please check back later today.


    10 responses to “A HORSE’S ASS!”

    1. Marv doesn’t know how to spell the word “apologize”…..otherwise, he would “apologize” for the LNP involvememnt in the White Elephant that sits on Penn Square. His so-called ‘right-to-know’ request is nothing more than an attempt to gain a competive advantage for the money-hungry PSP. It has nothing to do with informing the public.

    2. Thank you, Rednek! It all makes me so angry I can barely see straight!

    3. Hi Becky…this fiasco should make all of us angry. Unfortunately, we are stuck with county/city leaderhip that continue to acquiese to the ‘power-elite’. Generations from now, we will still be paying for this albatross. Where is ’60 Minutes’ when we need them????

    4. The outside press will be coming sooner or later, Rednek! Can you imagine LNP President and CEO Harold Miller, Jr. saying the paper has “good judgment?” Oh, I’m so angry at these self-serving, unethical racist newspapers I want to scream!

    5. One scream! Blood pressure going down a little bit… 😛

    6. Oh Becky..I have fought the urge to put my two cents into this conversation. I have learned the hard way, the very heartbreaking way..this is an “old boys white club.” Period. Everybody covers everybodies back. Soo sad. You were there when I found out the cororner and the DA had refused to give my sons autopsy to the prison, after a year and a half. The reason..Mr. Steadman said get a lawyer?? Huh?? I have said that something really fishy is going on in these offices. I know I am now totally percieved as a mom in denial. Why won”t the police give me my sons confession? Why did the cororner and the DA refuse the prison my sons autopsy? Steadman told me himself, his job is to support his local police. Funny Mr. DA, I thought it was to get the truth..I can be so silly.I guess my question still is…if these folks have nothing to hide..why are they hiding and dening all facts to me and my family. Good luck making any progress my dear..My hope and prayer is that we can have some honest government..again..I can be silly. Keep up the good work..I truely hope you can make some progress…

    7. The sooner the better…what would really be great is if an outside newspaper came in and bought this whole bunch out!!!!

    8. The only way the unsolved murders of women in Lancaster County will ever be solved is if somehow national attention is attracted.

    9. Don’t forget about Joys case and the drumstick trial.Justice wasn’t serverd the way it should of been. Just like all the abuse cases.Damit,.. why is it so hard for lancaster to do the right thing?.But hey all the planters and flowers look great downtown, somebody can do their job, maybe their black or hispanic.

    10. barryinwinnipeg

      “Neigh”-sayers??? OMG what a pun!