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    Posted on March 24th, 2012 Becky 24 comments


    ESPN, “Heat don hoodies after teen’s death,” (click

        .…Across the country this week, parents were talking to their children, especially their black sons, about the Code. It’s a talk the black community has passed down for generations, an evolving oral tradition from the days when an errant remark could easily cost black people their job, their freedom, or sometimes their life.
    Boston Globe, “Trayvon Martin, my son, and the Black Male Code.” (click here).


    24 responses to “PASSED DOWN FOR GENERATIONS”

    1. There is a very sad, but true reality of a society that judges a book by its cover. When I first moved into my neighborhood my neighbor, a 70 something white male, greeted me with the need-to-know neighborhood info. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to watch out for the “Rican” family across the street, they were gang members. And then he told me about the “niggers” down the street who play their loud music all night. I was very uncomfortable in this conversation, not only because my grand-father is a Mexican immigrant, but because my wife is a Spanish interpreter for the City of Reading. I shuttered at how he would perceive us when my wife hosted parties at our home, which consists of more minorities than whites. My stomach turned as he continued to tell me all the nasty things he assumed the neighborhood “coloreds” did. I made some lame excuse to end the conversation.

      A few months later I saw his look of disgust when the “Rican” neighbors were at our spring wine tasting. Eventually he got the nerve to confront me about consorting with the enemy. In turn I got the nerve to tell him what an angry pompous ass he was. He remained silent and was speechless to learn that the “niggers” down the street consist of a real estate attorney (father), an accountant (mother) and three students (children) of Millersville University – all on the Dean’s list. And the “Ricans” consistent of an electrician (father), a human resources manager (mother) and two children who attend Lancaster Mennonite.

      We no longer speak – what little we did before. What’s worse is that the racial climate of our society is becoming a state of emergency. It’s something I’ll never understand.

    2. Thank you, FWIW. And thank you, Becky, for posting the “code talk” link. How sobering.

    3. Daisy Lee Myers

      FL-NEWS-trayvon martin was suspended from school at the time of his death..

      How Trayvon Martin’s High School Reacted

      To His…

      Trayvon Martin was suspended from the school at the time of his death. The school and the…

      PS- TELL THE GENTLEMAN that wrote the recent story that zimmerman’s hood was mixed with BLACKS, ASIANS, WHITES etc. It was not exclusively White per folks that attended protest on Thursday w/ sharpton and dick gregory.

      state of flor-i-duh

    4. Martin’s parents kept a close eye on him, but they didn’t have to be too strict, since he stayed out of trouble, Collins said. However, he had recently been suspended from school for five days for tardiness, his English teacher, Michelle Kypriss, told the Orlando Sentinel. School officials did not respond to a request for comment.

      Tardiness? Seriously, Daisy?

    5. Daisy Lee Myers


    6. Let’s face it, in today’s world even if Trayvon Martin was a home schooled choir boy with early acceptance to Yale, it wouldn’t be good enough to satisfy the naysayers. And include a gun and you can be sure that the gun nuts are going to find whatever they can to justify this mess. Note, I say “gun nuts” and not responsible gun owners without a political agenda. Two distinct groups.

      I will never forget the day when a friend of mine was pushed to the ground, handcuffed and held on a street curb for over a half hour. His crime? He had dreadlocks as did a man who robbed a credit union nearby. Nevermind that we were just sitting at a picnic table in a park with our half eaten MacDonald’s burgers and fries and had been there for almost an hour. Didn’t matter. He was black, he had dreadlocks and in the end did not match any other aspect or description of the robber. That was when I understood ‘walking while black’ and basically ‘existing while black.’

    7. Really Daisy? Backwoodshome a good blog? Not buying it. Read some of the other things this guy has blogged.

    8. Daisy Lee Myers

      he wasn’t at home in MIAMI… SO, HE WAS SUSPENDED for tardiness… oy vey!?

      THE BLOGGER made a few good points.
      don’t know his writings.

    9. Daisy Lee Myers

      the parents are divorced.. so, who is watching out for the child?

    10. Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. He was watching basketball with his Dad. Halftime, the boy took a snack run. He was 15.

      If he was white, and the man who stalked him, followed him, and shot him was black, would it change your perceptions of this child?

    11. Daisy, there are a lot of divorced parents who watch out for their children. In fact, I believe that Becky would agree that there are plenty of married parents who don’t look out for their kids at all.

    12. Daisy

      This link was psted on Talkback.

    13. Daisy Lee Myers

      I’m merely showing the other side..

      We will never know what really happened that night.
      remember, the victim is always put on trial
      and like Mitchell Zachs of stated in his e-mail to many of us… the media industry is more entertainment vs finding the truth. it is selling papers etc. AND we are the suckers.

      The defense team will raise issues that will always put the victim on trial. I ALWAYS SAID about Flor-i-duh. “ANYTHING ABOVE WEST PALM BEACH IS ALABAMA.”

      WELCOME TO THE JIM “CROW” STATE FUELED BY JEB “CROW” BUSH “stand your ground” law. A bad law that has law enforcement and the DA cuffed at the moment. EXCUSE THE PUN..

      GOOD DAY.

    14. Daisy Lee Myers


      i can’t open your link..

    15. Daisy, it worked for me…

    16. Thank you Daisy, FYI that I said the news industry is “part entertainment.”

      But you have got to read the story link Daisy sent out. You go girl.

      Wow, great story. The man is right. All too often we, the court of public opinion, are asked, our opinions on whether someone is guilty or not. That questioning, though typical, is nuts as we the public court and jurors, as the man writes, are not given all the facts and thus how can we decide intelligibly?

      I do support all the protests and marches calling for the Feds to “get into it” and to find the facts.

      We the court of public opinion do also have our own opinions, or maybe just my opinion about small town southern police. If they act as our perceptions, or my perception think they did, then they should have the book thrown at them, be held accountable to the Feds and accountable to us.

      My perception is also that if you don’t make a stink about what you strongly believe in, like right now, and do not stand up for your rights then often you will not take be taken seriously or just not paid attention to.

      So all the marching and protests are making a stink, and a really good one, on a grand scale to let the President and our government know that we all are the public and all deserve due process and those who need to be held accountable should be.

      What I think plays into this somewhat, is that some of us forget or don’t know that news is part entertainment and that the news organizations have been hit hard during the economy downturn. Just ask any of my Miami Herald photog buddies that got laid off.

      So maybe news organizations think that they have to do, what they have to do, to survive. But do news organizations need to ask us, to tell them, if we think someone is guilty or not, without giving us all the facts or having all the facts?

      It seems to me that is where we are at and what we are asked to give pertaining the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

      We are the court of public opinions after all, are we not? Should we or shouldn’t we be? Do our opinions affect real people? Do we need reminding of that?

      Food for thought, Please read the story at this link:

    17. To Mitchell Zachs: totally off topic… FANTASTIC photographs!!!! (at your photo website linked to your name).

    18. Daisy Lee Myers

      Stand-your-ground law had a sad history before Trayvon – Fred Grimm –…1337l14859l0l15436l23l23l0l9l1l0l508l3894l1j0j8j4j0j1l14l0.frgbld.&q=cache:0bliADVsa44J: sad story, judge bloom&ct=clnk

    19. Sorry about being off topic and thanks for the nice words about my pictures. Thanks again

    20. Daisy Lee Myers

      Trayvon Martin: George Zimmerman’s account to police of the Trayvon Martin shooting. – Orlando Sentinel

    21. Daisy Lee Myers

      web link:

      Family: Pot Linked to Trayvon Martin Suspension – ABC News

    22. Daisy Lee Myers

      here we go…….:

      Trayvon Martin Protesters Ransacked North Miami Beach Walgreens | NBC 6 Miami

    23. web link:

      Sanford cops sought warrant to arrest George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin shooting – Tampa Bay Times

    24. Orlando’s FOX News gives Judge Zimmerman a platform to lie for his son – Baltimore liberal |