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Local judges found not
guilty of racial bias

Contrary to conventional thinking, county court sentences follow state guidelines and don’t discriminate against minorities, a new study shows.

By Jack Brubaker
Originally Published Feb 14, 2005 13:42

    Many people think Pennsylvania judges, including those here, sock minority defendants with terms far longer than the ones whites receive.
    But contrary to those perceptions, Lancaster County judges sentence most criminals within state guidelines and show no bias against minorities.
    If anything, local judges may be slightly tougher on white defendants.

   These are some of the conclusions of a careful examination of criminal sentencing in Lancaster County conducted by the Lancaster New Era and Millersville University.

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    I was so astounded when I read this article in February of 2005 that I picked up the phone and called Jack Brubaker. And I found out the whole premise of this article is a lie – a huge lie told by Jack and the editors and owners of the Lancaster Newspapers.
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  1. anonymous2 says:

    Key words: “conducted by Lancaster New Era”

    To be valid, any “careful examination” would need to be done by someone (anyone?) not from Lancaster. Preferably the FBI. Maybe when they are done in Sanford, FL?